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Let’s Consume (the Good Stuff) Together!

Ever since I discovered the power of reading, I found myself in a whole new state of mind.
My goal here is to help you harness that same power (for free) and become a complement on your journey to success. 

We are in this for the long run… but don’t worry, we are doing this together.

Let’s Not Just Consume. Let’s Create!

The world is largely imbalanced with lots of consumers and a few creators. Many times, we don’t create out of the fear of rejection. Other times, we don’t because we think the time isn’t right. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You’re ready than ever. So am I.


Hey, I’m Wai Yan.

My day job is to help businesses make full use of digital in reaching their goals. I put what I call 3D (Data, Design and Digital Marketing) at the center of Digital Transformation to create remarkable changes from the inside out.

Outside 9-5, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and designing visuals. I see it as my way of making the world a more beautiful and insightful place.