Summary: Zero Negativity The Power of Positive Thinking by Ant Middleton
Summary: Zero Negativity The Power of Positive Thinking by Ant Middleton

Summary: Zero Negativity The Power of Positive Thinking by Ant Middleton

There are times when life feels like it has you cornered: financial difficulties, relationship issues, work problems, all of the above. Every one of us, at one time or another, will have to face up to the challenges that come our way. And there are two ways of meeting them: negatively, where blame is the answer, where other people are at fault, where you haven’t been treated fairly. Or positively, where you own the situation, learn and grow from it, and become a better person at the end of it.

Letting you into areas of his life he’s never talked about before, in Zero Negativity, Ant will show you how to embrace failure and use it to your advantage, how to see change as the foundation of your future success, how to develop resilience, how to deal with bullies, what it means to be a positive roll model, and how to live a life with no regrets.


Know who you are

Positive people are hungry to discover themselves. They know there are no shortcuts around that and it’s only when you start to see yourself that you’ll be making the most of your life. Once you’ve identified yourself and your strengths, make use of them and let them be a source of your positive energy.

Listen to the people who love you and care about you the most. They’re the ones who are most likely to offer you an authentic and constructive criticism.


Keep the mould away

We’re all energy sources. Some radiate positivity while others blast out negativity. Make sure you radiate positivity and surround yourself with those who do the same. If you find yourself in a negative environment, get out of there. All you’ll be doing is absorbing negativity yourself.

“Stay away from energy vampires. No good will come of staying put.”

Negative energy from other people is their problem not yours. Never let them bring you down to their level and load you up with bad vibes.


Kill them with kindness

When you’re confronted with negativity, it’s so easy to retaliate with negativity. Don’t be tempted to throw around negativity. Instead, overwhelm them with positivity and you’ll knock them off balance.

Cultivate your emphatic side. Work hard to make sure you’re the sort of person other people want to be around. Being able to see things from other peoples’ perspective is a massive advantage when you’re trying to form a positive connection with them.


Keep it simple

Life isn’t binary, but if you can keep things black and white, you’ll find life so much more straightforward and everything that happens will be easier to process. Strip your life down to the essentials and figure out what’s most important to you (whether it’s your career, family, friends or your passion). I

You don’t have to answer all the questions. So, don’t get lost in overthinking situations. Learn from the past and then move on. 

If you aren’t willing to take responsibility for what you’re going to say or do, take time to think again. Actions have consequences. 


Change or Die

Change shakes up the world around you. Most of the time you can’t stop that situation but you can make sure you’re prepared to pick up all the positivity that merges. As a bonus, change offers you a chance to diversify your thinking. Chance in essence is the route to becoming the best version of yourself you can be.

When someone tells you that you’ve changed, don’t take it as a compliment because you’ve proved yourself that personal change is possible. Embrace change as  liberation and make sure you carry on trying to change until the day that you die.

Don’t be afraid of cutting ties. It’s too easy to get attached to people and things that are unfortunately holding us back. Take time and space to really reflect on them.


Make Many Platforms

Overnight success is a myth. Don’t waste your existence waiting for that one big miracle you think will come along and transform your life. What if it doesn’t come/ What if you don’t recognize when it does?

Find as many platforms as you can to put on the show. You can’t just wait for people and opportunities to come find you. Go out into the word, meet new people, expand your network and do new things. You’ll be surprised what turns up.

You’re your only competition. Jealousy and comparison is the most negative of all emotions. It’ll tear your life apart and leave a mess.


You’ve Got to Go Through This

Small things make a big difference. You may not notice it now but these little steps add up to a big leap. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can race from start to finish in one big jump.

Until you decide to commit yourself, you’re getting nowhere near your destination. Be brave. Remember people who never make mistakes never make anything. Frame failures as an engine for positive growth.

People are problem-solving animals by nature. Don’t let that human instinct fade away. Work on it, and you’ll reap amazing rewards.


Be a Shepherd, Not a Sheep

You can’t always change your environment. You can however change how you perceive it. By controlling your emotions, you’re making sure it’s you defining the situation you’re in, rather than the situation defining you.

No matter how bad a situation looks on the surface, there’s a positive seed in it. If you’re willing to put the work in, it’s a matter of time you’ll uncover the positivity underneath.

Negativity is a fact of life. We all carry negative beliefs, emotions and constantly find ourselves in negative situations. But what we can control is the ability to harness this negativity energy and channel it into positivity.

Never let your negative past dwindle your positive future. Yes, you might have done some negative things in the past (who hasn’t?), but remember they don’t fully represent who you are and who you can be.


Give Them Enough Rope

Leaders are also teachers. Leaders not only can pick themselves up again when they fail, they create a safe space in which those they’re leading can fail, learn and get better next time.

Share your weaknesses as well as your strengths. Unless you’re willing to be transparent, you can’t expect the same from your team. Recognize that when there’s no transparency among your team, you’re only setting up yourself to fail. No single human being can do everything him or herself.

Positive parenting is not about telling your children what to do. It’s about setting an example yourself. Kids may or may not listen to you but they’re always watching you. If they see you carrying yourself in the right way, they’ll absorb the same values and actions almost without realizing it. The same is true with everyday leadership. Be a leader, not a boss.

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