Summary: You’re Not Broken By Christopher Michael Duncan
Summary: You’re Not Broken By Christopher Michael Duncan

Summary: You’re Not Broken By Christopher Michael Duncan

The Journey of Creating a Life You Love

Most people get stuck in their limited perspective and create a life of oscillation. This is because they are trying to resolve their identity and feel complete.

Focusing on problem-solving leads to a life of problems. You must learn to let go of the old structure and create a new way of being in the world. You must define yourself as a powerful creator, not a powerless victim. This is the big TURNING POINT.

The four core choices to reorient yourself are:

  • I choose to live my true nature and purpose.
  • I choose to be the predominant creative force in my life.
  • I choose to live a life I love.
  • I choose to be healthy and vital.


The Creative Energy

At a fundamental level, you are a field of unlimited possibilities or a stream of photons held together by consciousness observing. You should be able to change the observation!

You are so much more than a body.

You are the all, the one mind, and you are also unique. However, your unique perspective was created as an aspect of you that created a set of instructions. If you are not enjoying your current perspective or experience, you can go back to those instructions and create a different code.

The three different classifications of consciousness are: your Superconscious, Unconscious, and Self-Conscious.

At our highest level, we are a “Superconscious awareness” and have access to all the information in the probability cloud.

The Superconscious can access all information in the unified field of all possibilities and decide the instructions to give to the Unconscious field.



Individuation is the process of realizing you are a limited perspective in the universe. You created this experience, and it was needed.

The Unconscious takes everything personally and looks for the reason for any pain. The Unconscious believes there must be a reason why we aren’t getting what we desire, or a reason why we get what we desire. In looking for an answer, we make a decision. This decision shapes the rest of our lives. It becomes the founding orientation of our worldview, and our lives become about solving it.

Because of individuation, we set up a life of problem-solving. Instead of going for what we want, most of the time we are trying to resolve an Unconscious rule structure from childhood.

At the identity/Unconscious level, we don’t actually desire what we are going for. We desire to finally overcome the negative belief we have about ourselves.

You have the ability to change any instructions that aren’t serving you. You do not need to know when, where, or why you have that code or those instructions in your field. You simply need to know whether or not it is working for you. And if it isn’t, let’s Recode it!



In the problem-orientation, we always want to “fix it” or make it better. This societal structure invades all aspects of your life, and because of it, you never create a life you love. Successful people do not focus on fixing themselves; they focus on creating.

You are not the common denominator. The structure is!

There are three types of structures: oscillating, stuck, and flowing.

If you change the structure, you will change the action and, therefore, change your results.

How you structure your life makes all the difference because the structure creates the tension, and the tension creates the movement.

The key is not to make your end result personal and to know the end result won’t change you. You can have everything now and choose to create what you love, but what you create does not change you.

When you have EVERYTHING now and still want to create more of what you love, you are a Superconscious creator.


The Magnetic Moment

You and what you create are separate. End results don’t change you.

Remember, this is not problem-solving. When you choose an end result, you are creating. You are not focusing on a problem; you are forward-focused. You can have health and vitality now and still choose to create more of what you would love.

To take the step from powerless to powerful, you must step into a creative structure and plant the seeds into the unified field you wish to manifest. Let go of all that is in opposition to being it now.

When you live the “core four choices,” you unlock the wizard’s gate and step into a place of no resistance or desire. From here, you can choose any future reality without the internal civil war stopping you.

The core choices that orient you to becoming a magnet for your future are:

  • I choose to be the predominant creative force in my life.
  • I choose to love my life.
  • I choose health and vitality.
  • I choose to live my true nature and purpose.


Becoming Superconscious

To connect to the Superconscious, you must drop down into your heart, access innocence, and stop needing to know everything. To really see the truth, you must learn to stop needing to know how it is and go into a childlike place of presence, awe, openness, and innocence.

Our process of communicating with the Superconscious looks like this:

  • Go into innocence/drop into your heart,
  • Connect with the Superconscious through direct communication,
  • Get information through a message/symbol.

By connecting to the Superconscious, you can change anything that is not serving what you wish to create. You can also use it to gain insight into living your truth and gaining insight from the unified field. There is so much information available, and you can learn to use it to guide you towards what is right for you.

When you live the core four choices, you have mastered the magnetic moment, and you can then decide what you really love.

By using the Superconscious to decipher what you love, you are much more effective at creating because you no longer create two waves of information in the field. You have all your focus on just the one thing you desire to create, instead of having half of your focus on what you want and the other half elsewhere.

Resistance is not a bad thing. It is just a previous creation designed to keep you from ending up in painful situations. It has acted as a guiding system to keep you safe. However, it is now the opposing force of the action you desire to take. It can show up as a feeling, a thought, or simply as an Unconscious block.

All resistance is a set of beliefs, thoughts, identities, emotions, or other aspects of you that made a decision that was useful in the past.


True Choices

Most people don’t go for what they love. Most people’s goals are really negative visions and aren’t true end results that they’d love.

A true end result is something you desire to create for no reason other than you would love to see it created. Being a Superconscious creator is about creating what you love!

Breaking your big vision down through lenses allows the structure to flow. If you just complete your day, it bundles into your week and your month, and then eventually, the end result is manifested. This is Superconscious creating.

The creation starts off by claiming the biggest end results you have and then letting the Superconscious guide you to what is there. When you learn to get information from the field, life will never be the same again.


The Five-Step Superconscious Creator Code

As you decide to follow through on the things that really matter to you, old patterns of information and decisions will pop into your active experience, causing resistance. You must learn to stay focused on the end results and “leave the baby crying.”

The five steps to the Recode process are:

  1. Choose an end result you would love to create.
  2. Create a structural tension by noticing the current reality.
  3. Step into the feeling of having it.
  4. Recode resistance.
  5. Take aligned action and follow through.

When choosing the correct action, what is most important is just to choose one and start. We very rarely get the action right the first time, so take your best guess and follow through. You will quickly learn whether or not it’s taking you to where you desire.

To create, you must follow through on all instructions from the Superconscious. If you don’t follow through, you are giving an invisible command to all aspects of your Superconscious that you don’t really want the end result.