You’re a leader everywhere or nowhere.

If you are not a leader on your bench, don’t call yourself a leader on the field.

You’re allowed to be disappointed, but what you’re not allowed to do is miss the opportunity to lead from the bench.

Leader is not a title the world gives to you. It’s an offering you give to the world

If you have a voice, you have influence to spread.

If you have relationships, you have hearts to guide.

If you know young people, you have futures to mold.

If you have privilege, you have power to share.

If you have money, you have support to give.

If you have pain, you have empathy to offer.

If you have freedom, you have others to fight for.

If you are alive, you are a leader.

The old way is to lead with vulnerability and enlist a team of followers.The new way is to lead with full humanity and cultivate a team of leaders.

New leadership rules

  1. Create your own path.
  2. Be grateful for what you have and demand what you deserve.
  3. Lead now from wherever you are.
  4. Failure means you are finally in the gain.
  5. Be for each other.
  6. Believe in yourself. Demand the ball.
  7. Lead with humanity. Cultivate leaders.
  8. You’re not alone. You’ve got wolfpack.

Kyaw Wai Yan Tun

Hi, I'm Wai Yan. I love designing visuals and writing insightful articles online. I see it as my way of making the world a more beautiful and insightful place.