Summary: Whatever Arises, Love That By Matt Kahn
Summary: Whatever Arises, Love That By Matt Kahn

Summary: Whatever Arises, Love That By Matt Kahn

Beginning Your Love Revolution

While many people acknowledge love as a noble value and even recognize it as the highest vibration in existence, very few are aware of how to love without being inspired by the actions of another. It can be easy to reciprocate when you are on the receiving end of compliments from your partner, and it is natural to find the innocence of animals and children endearing. However, for many, the very remedy their heart cries out for—love—seems elusive because they do not know how to cultivate it by offering it freely.

One of the most important steps in loving what arises is learning how to rewrite your subconscious mind. By allowing “I love you” to become a familiar phrase that you offer to yourself on a regular basis, love is no longer interpreted as a foreign invasion.

Simply by treasuring your heart more often, you provide your body the much-needed permission to receive the highest vibration in existence that only love can deliver. With your body calibrated in greater resonance, you access an innate ability to change all past associations to love that may have influenced you to have a painful or skeptical view of it. Such resonance also informs your immune system how to act since the body tends to function as a living expression of the most popular phrase recorded in your subconscious mind.


A Master Revealed

You can think of your heart as a shipping dock for the endless blessings of divinity, where all wishes, dreams, and desires are sent out to be granted in the lives of every dreamer.

Imagine the miraculous implications you cultivate by loving your heart more often. Perhaps a farmer who depends on growing crops to feed his family discovers a greater harvest than ever before. As a result, maybe they are able to afford gifts for their family during the holiday season. What if someone who was stuck in an abusive relationship spontaneously finds the courage to move into an environment that honors their true worth and value? What if such courage came to these people as a result of your loving choices?

Perhaps a country inundated by drought, unable to grow crops to feed their communities, all of a sudden finds changes in weather that fertilize the soil of their land. As they spontaneously rejoice in the miracle that allows them to grow food and nourish so many families, they may not even know this was made possible by a momentum of energy created by you loving your own heart.


The Heart of Surrender

The willingness to allow your choices to come from a place of love no matter the outcomes or circumstances at hand is the heart of surrender. This shift into heart-centered consciousness makes welcoming each moment with openness, kindness, and compassion more vital than what you hope to gain from life. Instead of trying to control the things you can’t seem to change, you redefine the way you relate to the world.

The heart of surrender is accessed by asking a bold series of questions. They are not questions that require you to search for an answer but to unearth a visceral response in your body to confirm your deepest wisdom. To enter the heart of surrender, ask yourself the following questions:

What happens if I stop fighting the things that seem to fight with me? What happens if instead of trying to change the behavior of others, I become the first one to stop fighting, even if others still fight with me?

If you can sense a willingness to fight within you, this is surely the next one in line to be on the receiving end of your loving attention. Perhaps you’ve never loved the part of you that fights because you’ve been busy joining its crusade.

To resolve this oversight, please repeat the following healing mantra:

I accept that the aspect of self that fights is only here to be loved as only I can love it. I acknowledge that the aspect of self that fights is not in a fight with anything or anyone but is actually fighting for the beauty, ecstasy, and perfection of my own loving attention.

I accept that the aspect of self that fights—that is fueled by a need to be right or have the final word—is only fighting for my attention.

Since this innocence is only fighting for my attention, I no longer fight against the things that I think are fighting with me. Instead, I offer loving-kindness to the innocence that no longer has to work so hard to receive my support.


The Overactive Mind

IN THE PRACTICE of loving what arises, the heart isn’t always the part of the body calling out for your attention. While the heart can always remain your central point of focus, it is helpful to unravel the nervous system by sending love to an overactive mind. As your life experiences may reveal, your mind may be as noisy as your heart is closed. By allowing the mind to be embraced as a child in need of kindness, support, acceptance, and attention, you are able to end each conflict within yourself by honoring the one who cannot be silenced any longer. Many have turned their mind into battlefields in response to the hurtful, destructive, or even judgmental thoughts that consume their attention.

While it makes sense to imagine how peaceful your mind would become if only you could unplug it from the outlet, the mind only remains overactive as an attention-seeking device the Universe uses to help you return to love.

From this deeper space of harmony, you are not blaming the mind but responding to it in the way that love would reach out to a five-year-old in pain. If it’s not the way you would talk to a child in need, it shouldn’t be the way you talk to yourself.


Mastering Relationships

As you give yourself the love that only you can provide, you begin to notice how the more profound levels of spiritual evolution occur through the mastering of relationships. This includes the relationship between the mind and heart, which is reflected through the bond of a parent and their inner child. Additionally, it includes the mastering of the relationship between self and subject through your perception of a world around you.

When all of the interactions you have with your family, friends, or in your workplace become opportunities to serve our awakening humanity, a master of relationships has been found. No longer can you be satisfied by being enlightened in private and inflamed in public, knowing that every moment of conflict is an opportunity to discover the invaluable gifts that life provides.

As you are willing to give more love, not less, even in the presence of behavior that you might think does not necessarily deserve such a gift, you can choose to engage in the most spiritually relevant and noble way.


The Importance of Slowing Down

Cultivating integrity with your heart is a decision to live in a more relaxed, conscious, and heart-centered manner. While it may come naturally for some, for others it’s a necessary way of proving how impossible it is to miss opportunities you are destined to encounter. Since you cannot miss out on experiences that you are always meant to have, every breath offers you the chance to put your faith into the hands of the Universe to remember how blessed, supported, and divinely guided you already are.

Relaxation is always the preferred rate of speed for any level of spiritual exploration. Anytime you rush through your journey, direct experiences of transcendence are replaced with shallow degrees of understanding. Because certain stages of awakening can drastically slow down the pace of your life to nearly a standstill, the Universe often prepares you for such a path by making it nearly impossible to keep moving at an unconscious speed.

When relaxation becomes your doorway of awakening, you discover a more honest relationship with life. Instead of dragging your innocence along for the ego’s adventure, you are guided to soften into each breath so your mind and heart can be on the same page.


Ascension: Planetary Awakening

Now is the time to come out of hiding and let your voice be heard by confessing your true nature as the glory of divine innocence in human form. Whether you whisper silently into the vulnerability of your heart or shout at the top of your lungs from every rooftop, you are the living proof that all is well.

You are the source of life’s eternal witnessing and the orchestrator ensuring that love always has the final word. As your evolution is revealed, there are four powerful words to carry with you wherever you go: whatever arises, love that.

While it may seem as if this is the end of our journey together, it could only be the beginning of a brand-new adventure. May all be blessed, uplifted, liberated, and reborn, now and forever, by the love that you are. And so it is.