Summary: We Should All Be Millionaires By Rachel Rodgers
Summary: We Should All Be Millionaires By Rachel Rodgers

Summary: We Should All Be Millionaires By Rachel Rodgers

Million Dollar Story

Your childhood experiences have caused you to tell yourself stories about money that aren’t true. You can overcome these childhood stories by analyzing these thoughts, figuring out where they came from and then replacing them with effective Million Dollar Thoughts.

When you change the stories you are telling yourself about money, you will make financial decisions that serve you well, and you will feel more confident while you do it.

You have already overcome quite a bit in your life. This serves as evidence that you have an unstoppable spirit that has the ability to become a millionaire and accomplish any other goal you set your mind to as well.


Million Dollar Lies

For decades, the media has told women that we are bad with money. We are inundated with messages that we are shopaholics buying way too many lattes and making poor financial decisions. The government has reinforced these messages with actual laws designed to discriminate against women’s earning potential. Only in the last hundred years have laws been passed to stop widespread discrimination against women’s economic lives.

Even though laws have been passed, our culture continues to discriminate against women in ways that limit our ability to build wealth. This especially affects the wealth accumulation of women of color, queer women, fat women, and pregnant women.

It’s time to forgive ourselves for believing that we are “bad with money,” because it’s not our fault. We need to heal our relationship with money so that we can stop underearning and become millionaires.


Million Dollar Decisions


There are three main reasons we make a Broke Ass Decision (BAD) when we have the opportunity to make a Million Dollar Decision.

The first BAD move is that we want to be liked by everyone. If we want to have the kind of power, agency, and financial freedom enjoyed by men at a much greater rate, then we need to stop watering down our skills, talents, leadership, and moneymaking abilities for the sake of being liked.

The second BAD move we make is that we hang out with people who are making Broke Ass Decisions. The people with whom you frequently spend time heavily influence your decisions. Think about the group texts you participate in daily, the Facebook Groups you frequent, and the people you spend time with every weekend. Are these the kind of people who are making Million Dollar Decisions?

The third BAD move is that we are living in a broke ass environment. It’s time for you to conduct your own environmental detox. Think about the people and brands you follow on social media, your home environment, your clothing, your work life, your various possessions, and your daily habits. Ask yourself: How does this thing make me feel? How is it influencing my mood? Is it giving me energy or making me feel drained? If this thing in my environment could talk, what would it be saying to me? If it’s saying “you are broke,” toss it, donate it, or otherwise make it disappear, and replace it with something that makes you feel rich.


If you want to be wealthy, you have to start making Million Dollar Decisions instead of Broke Ass Decisions. Million Dollar Decisions create time and energy, free up mental space, reduce piddly nonsense and create space for the stuff that matters to you.

The acronym WSABM is the same as the initials for We Should All Be Millionaires.

W is for Want. What do you want to do? Check in with your innate desires rather than crowdsourcing. Seeking wise counsel is a good choice, but before doing that, check in with what you actually want.

S is for Shoulds. What are the shoulds operating here? Identify all the shoulds that come up when you think about this situation. What shoulds are coming up in your mind as you consider this decision?

A is for Action. What precise action will you take to move you in the direction of what you want? Identify the first thing—or two or three—you will need to do to begin executing this decision.

B is for Body. What does your body feel about taking that action? Imagine yourself taking this desired action. When you envision yourself taking this action, how does it make you feel? Do you feel alive, excited, is your heart all aflutter?

M is for More. How will this decision or direction lead to more for you? What will you have more of when you go this way? This becomes an important why to sustain you while executing your decision. Remember to focus on the more, rather than the cost.


Million Dollar Boundaries

Women do the lion’s share of both visible and invisible domestic labor, and this gets in the way of our ability to build wealth. Women also get the short end of the stick in the workplace, causing our labor to not be properly remunerated and respected.

These widespread societal issues related to women’s labor lead to exhaustion, depression, and feelings of inadequacy in women.

The solution is to set clearly communicated boundaries to protect ourselves from other people’s actions and mistreatments by saying yes to what we do want and no to what we don’t want. Once communicated, boundaries must be enforced to properly serve their purpose.


Million Dollar Squad

Ninety-five percent of your success or failure can be predicted based on the kind of people you regularly spend time with. Build your squad and next-level your success. Many women lack a powerful network, and this contributes to the gender and racial pay gaps and continued inequality when it comes to access to opportunity.

Women are taught that having white male allies is essential to our success. Rachel calls this bullshit. White-male-dominated networks can be harmful to women. Research shows that white men gonna help white men. Women should seek to create an inner circle of close women friends.

Despite disparities, you can create your own amazing network by becoming a joiner, connecting more deeply with communities you are already a member of, and by creating your own community.


Million Dollar Value

You are more accomplished than you think. You probably have a nasty case of imposter syndrome, and this is costing you greatly.

You need to spend some time thinking about the question, “What could I offer to the world that is extremely valuable?” This is the million dollar question.

The answer might be staring you right in the face. It might be something you already do in your current career (and you just need to start charging a whole lot more). It could be something you do just for fun in your spare time (that you could start charging for). It could be something that comes naturally to you, so naturally you never even recognized that this is a valuable gift.

Once you identify what makes you valuable, believe it, own it, and charge accordingly, your life will change forever.


Million Dollar Team

Earning more can have a lot of positive effects on your life, but it can have negative effects on your time. If you want to be happier, spend your money on buying your time back.

Your first hire should be a personal assistant who can help you handle a variety of tasks. Even if you can only afford five hours a week of help from a PA, you will find that it has a profound impact on your ability to generate income.

Most women feel they can’t afford or don’t deserve to hire help. Blame the Protestant work ethic we have all been taught. Hiring other people enables you to serve others by creating jobs and being a great boss. Building a Million Dollar Team isn’t exploitive unless you choose to exploit those who work for you. Instead, building a team is empowering.

Learning to delegate is an essential step toward becoming a millionaire. Learn to have uncomfortable conversations with those you employ. Learn how to manage other people. Mastering delegation is the key to having not only financial freedom but time freedom as well.


Million Dollar Systems

Scarcity thinking begets more scarcity thinking. Stop treating every dollar as if it’s your last and challenge your limiting beliefs around money. You can make so much more money than you think you can.

Stop listening to personal finance gurus who tell you to scrimp and save every dollar you have and that debt is the devil. Instead focus on earning more and recognize that debt is sometimes necessary to increase your earning potential.


  1. Track your net worth. Seeing how it changes on a monthly basis, depending on the financial decisions you’ve recently made, will influence you to make more and more Million Dollar Decisions.
  2. Track your credit score. Again, what gets measured gets managed. The more you keep track of your credit and can see what makes your credit score go up or down each month, the more you will be influenced to make financial decisions that lead you toward abundance.
  3. Research incorporation and open a business bank account. There is nothing quite like a brand-new business account just waiting to receive cash to motivate you to get out there and keep selling.
  4. Get a bookkeeper and check your finances daily. Reviewing your financial reports, even if it’s just your bank account statement, every month will help you make Million Dollar Decisions in your business and life, and improve your skills as a smart CEO.
  5. Go to Money Church™ every week. When you take the time to focus on your money every week, three things will happen: 1) You will become more confident about your ability to manage your money, 2) You will challenge and, over time, eliminate your limiting beliefs around your earning potential, and 3) You will get better at making money. Think of Money Church like going to the gym; it’s an opportunity to stretch your moneymaking abilities and get stronger. The more you go to Money Church, the more money you’ll make. In other words, what you focus on will expand.