Summary: Unf*ck yourself by Gary John Bishop
Summary: Unf*ck yourself by Gary John Bishop

Summary: Unf*ck yourself by Gary John Bishop

Most of the conversations you have on any given day are with yourself.

The kind of talk you engage in has a profound impact on the quality of your life.

People spend their lives waiting for the cavalry all the while never realizing they’re the cavalry.

No matter how difficult life can be, how you fundamentally relate to those circumstances wil have the biggest say in how they turn out. The answer is rather inside you than outside.

I am willing

Once you find obstacles in your life as a matter of willing and unwilling, instead of weighing yourself down with negative thoughts, you can break through self-imposed barriers that are truly holding you back.

Ask yourself “Am I willing?” until you get a resounding yes.

I am wired to win

Our thoughts constantly push us towards our goals even when you don’t realize what those goals actually are.

95% of what we do daily is subconscious. For the most part you’re on autopilot. We can hold a certain belief about ourselves or life that we prove right again and again through our actions.

I got this

You shouldn’t let what happens in one area of your life affect the outlook on the whole.

Take a moment to put your past and present problems into perspective. There is a solution to everything.

I embrace uncertainty

Uncertainty is where things happen. Uncertainty is where new happens. It’s your personal pathway to opportunity.

Certainty is a complete illusion. When we think we know everything, we inadvertently turn ourselves away from the unknown, and by default whole new realms of success.

You can go to bed one day and never wake up again. You can get into the car, never to reach your work again. Uncertainty is part of life. Accept it. Learn to embrace it.

I am not my thoughts, I am what I do

You change your life by doing, not thinking about doing. Doing is the quickest way to change your thoguhts. Change your life by changing your actions.

I am relentless

The more unique and out of the box your endeavor, the stronger the push back can be. Mostly because people in your life have gotten used to relating to you as a specific kind of person. Anytime you attempt to break out of that mold, you’re not only messing with your own world, you’re also messing with theirs.

True relentless comes when the only thing you have left is relentless. When it seems like all seems lost, relentlessness is the fuel that drives you through.

I expect nothing and accept everything

Most of your worry is trying to predict the future and refusing to accept things when they aren’t going your way. In so doing, you avoid living in the moment.

Plan for victory. Learn from defeat. Don’t expect victory or defeat.

The car isn’t going to start itself and then wait patiently for you in the driveway.

You’ve got to put your key in the ignition and put your hands on the wheel.

You may not like your past, but it helped shape who you are today, good and bad.

But when what’s in front of you is so bright and so satisfying, you won’t have time to look behind you. Your mind will be laser focused straight ahead.