Summary: Ultralearning by Scott Young
Summary: Ultralearning by Scott Young

Summary: Ultralearning by Scott Young

Ultralearning is a strategy.

It’s suited for certain situations and not others. Using a strategy is a choice, not a commandment.

Ultralearners usually work alone. They spend months and years without announcing their efforts.

9 Principles of Ultralearning

  1. Metalearning – First draw a map. Start by learning how to learn.
  2. Focus – Carve out chunks of time when you can cultivate concentration.
  3. Directness – Learn by doing.
  4. Drill – Improve your weakest points.
  5. Retrieval – Test yourself, push yourself to actively recall information.
  6. Feedback – Extract the essence from the noise.
  7. Retention – Understand what you forget and why.
  8. Intuition – Dig deep before building up. Understand how you understand.
  9. Experimentation – Explore outside your comfort zone.

If you can’t practice the exact skill you’re trying to learn (example: pilot, surgeon), practice something as close as possible (e.g. simulators).


Testing yourself – trying to retrieve information with the book closed – easily outperform repeating the material and drawing a concept map.

It’s a lot harder which is what makes it more effective.


IF you want to become a better lover, try out new things, see how your partner responds.

If you want to become a better cook, hire a coach, expose yourself to as much feedback as possible.


Don’t expect to get it perfect the first time around. Get your hands dirty. Tweak along the way.