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In TIP, Dave Gordon tells the engaging and motivating story of Brian Davis, an average salesperson who is fired without warning for being average.

After 10 years at the same company, Brian is suddenly faced with no immediate prospects, an uncertain future, and a young family to support. With minimal savings, and determined to not lose everything he’s worked for, he reluctantly takes the only job he can get at a popular bar and restaurant called Crossroads. Guided by an unlikely mentor, and insightful colleagues and customers in an unforgiving environment of relentless customer service, he learns to take control of his life again, his career, and his future.

There were a lot of messages packed into one simple story. For your convenience, here are 20 Takeaway TIPs to remind you of the keys to success, as you continue your own journey towards a stronger personal brand, greater personal accountability, and lasting success.

Twenty Takeaway TIPS for Success
  1. You are the only person accountable for your success or failure.
  2. If you don’t know your brand, others will attempt to define it for you.
  3. You are being labeled at every moment of every day.
  4. Don’t be a just-a.
  5. Unique value is being known for one thing that only you can bring.
  6. No one will hire you, keep you, or promote you if you don’t add value.
  7. Every day is an audition to keep the job you have or get the job you want.
  8. Make your manager’s job easier.
  9. Start a task. Finish a task. 
  10. A stand-out performer will always have more value than a stand-in.
  11. Embrace conflict and crisis. That’s when people of value are needed most.
  12. Make commitments, not decisions.
  13. You are never not a representative of your company or team brand.
  14. Your signature story will tell who you are, what you stand for, and who you help.
  15. Consistency of beliefs, words, and actions is the key to your reputation and success.
  16. Return on action (ROA) is the measurement of the commitment and investment you make in yourself.
  17. Create WOW experiences for customers and colleagues.
  18. People will sponsor you only if you add value to their business and their brand.
  19. Lasting success is the result of making good choices at a series of crossroads in work and life.
  20. Give all you can. Help people be their best. You will be rewarded in return.

Hardcover | Audiobook


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