Summary: The Unplugged Alpha By Richard Cooper
Summary: The Unplugged Alpha By Richard Cooper

Summary: The Unplugged Alpha By Richard Cooper

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The female primary social order

Society often sees men as the disposable sex. For example, the classic “Women and children first” approach on sinking ships (or other disasters). Men make up nearly all suicides (with many of them being because of failed past relationships – especially ones that involve his kids that he’s no longer “allowed” to see).

If you can’t learn to accept this way of life, then you run the very real risk of taking the “Black Pill” and becoming exceptionally jaded against all women and pursuing any type of relationship with them (whether that is spinning plates, non-exclusive LTRs, or otherwise). You can prevent this from happening by updating your belief system with healthy adaptations and then learning how to maximize your benefits while minimizing the risks.


Women’s rules – How they break them or make them

Women break rules for alphas and make them for betas.

As unfair as it may be, the “Burden of Performance” is always on you. This means that you must always be on your A-game when it comes to frame, Game, and leading the relationship (more so if you’re married or in an LTR).

If you notice her making rules, or setting conditions, on areas such as when she’ll have sex with you (for example: “If you ever want to have sex again, then…”), you now know that she definitely sees you as a beta and that the frame has shifted.

Learn to say “NO.” It’s a complete sentence that doesn’t need any further explanation. If you’ve been pussy-whipped for years, then she’ll likely be surprised. But also intrigued. Expect her to ramp up the shit tests to see if this new, more assertive you, is the real deal. So, you had best make sure it is.


Why genuine burning desire matters

Your highest ROI in life will always be that of being a man of vision, purpose, and who is always chasing excellence.

Negotiated desire only ever leads to resentment, from both parties, down the road.

Rest assured, once you’ve experienced the pleasures of a woman who displays a genuine desire and attraction to you, it’ll be easy for you to spot anything less from that point on.


Red Flags

It’s your responsibility to set, and always enforce, the boundaries that are meaningful to you.

Never date, LTR, or wife-up a single mother. Neither the mother, nor the kids, will ever genuinely appreciate you for your sacrifices.

If a woman ever becomes physically violent with you, then you must get the hell out of that relationship immediately. And if you have kids with her, then see an attorney ASAP.

If your spidey senses are tingling and your gut is telling you something, then there’s a reason why. Listen to it.

A man who’s chasing excellence and making his dent in the universe will have the options and self-respect to drop any woman who’s complicating his life.


Single Mothers

You don’t want to be a cuck. You might genuinely love her kids “Like they’re your own.” But, ultimately, they will never ever be yours and your bloodline will not continue if you don’t already have kids.

They’ll never, ever, ever respect you in the way that you want them to. Even if you adopted them. Because, deep down in their core, they’ll always know that you “Aren’t their father.”

While it’s a cold truth that a woman’s kids will always be a higher priority than you, with single mothers, you’ll be even further down in her list of priorities. Until she wants something from you that is.

The victim mindset, along with unhealthy doses of shaming and guilt-tripping, is the de-facto method-of-operation for single mothers. If it’s all the bio father’s fault, and she can’t own up to anything that she did to screw up the relationship, then you can bet your ass she’d say the same about you to the next guy.


Hire slowly but fire quickly

It’s incumbent on you to take your time with the vetting period. The “honeymoon phase” can apply in other areas of life – not just in relationships.

Be vigilant and observe if someone’s actions match their words. Ignore what they say and watch what they do as words can be empty, while actions speak the truth.

If you find that there’s an inconsistency between their words and their actions, then you must be prepared to cut them out of your life as swiftly as possible. Make sure you’ve done your legal homework when it comes to business partners (or LTRs/Marriages), then execute that strategy with military precision and speed.

And finally, listen to your gut. It’s your brain telling you that things definitely aren’t adding up.


Looks, Money, Status, and Game

Being wealthy affords you the financial security in life to tell people, or other opportunities, that aren’t offering any value to you, to “Fuck Off”. Money has an inherent value that allows you to pursue different options or enjoy experiences that you previously could only have dreamed about before.

Go make your own recognizable dent in the universe and positively elevate your status to “world class-level” in whatever field you specialize in.

While you don’t have to be an extrovert to be good at Game, although that certainly doesn’t hurt, you do need to build up a solid frame of genuine confidence that women can, quite literally, see you exude from across a crowded room. Are you being playful with women? Are you playfully teasing them and busting their, metaphorical, balls? Are you being your unapologetically authentic self around them? Are you only rewarding them with the value that your undivided attention brings because they’ve earned it? If not, then go and Do. The. Work.


Manage Your Endocrine System

Testosterone doesn’t just fuel your sex drive. It also governs many vital functions within your body. So, increasing it is vital to your own physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Do absolutely everything you can to optimize your testosterone levels naturally first. It might surprise you just how much you can raise them using just consistency and self-discipline.

Your T-levels might come back within the “normal” range. But that range might only be normal if you’re 60+ years of age. Remember, get a competent doctor to treat your symptoms (not your number).


Manage the fucks you give

The energy that you begin every day with is extremely limited. So, stop wasting it on things that don’t help drive you, your mission, or your family forwards in life.

Giving a shit about every little thing that happens will only go to raise your Cortisol levels. In turn, you get worked up over nothing important, while you simultaneously tank your Testosterone levels.

There’s also a good chance that if you go to bed with lower Cortisol levels, then there’s a much higher chance of having a far better night’s sleep.


Getting “Da Girls” Online

Be completely honest with your own personal value and mark it accordingly. Put your focus into developing these areas before you re-enter the sexual marketplace.

Texting is mostly for logistics. By all means, open up with something fun and flirty for her to bounce off of. Once she’s asking questions, get her agreeing to a date ASAP.

Don’t be single-minded in trying to get laid on the first date. It’s more important to vet her for potentially serious red flags (such as seeing how she responds if you tell her “No.” with a smile on your face). Never stick your dick in crazy.

Finally, ALWAYS be in control of the birth. Without exception. Far, far, too many men have been already duped by women with “baby rabies”. Do not let yourself become one of them.


Promiscuous Primates

Women may be the gatekeeper of who they have sex with, but you are the gatekeeper of who you have a relationship with. And, as a man of increasingly high value, that’s the strongest, and most valuable, bargaining chip of the two.

When a woman has a genuine desire for you, and appreciates your value, then she will have no problems sharing you with other women as you are satisfying her hypergamous nature.

Track the menstrual cycle of any potential LTRs. Watch how differently they behave when they are ovulating, versus when they are menstruating.


Own a Motorcycle

Bikes offer you an unrivaled sense of freedom and escape from the trappings of everyday life.

When you take a woman on a bike with you, every single receptor in her body is in hyper-drive as the addictive, and heady, cocktail of adrenaline and dopamine surges through her body. And she’ll be associating that feeling – with you.

If bikes really aren’t your thing, then make sure you emulate the experience with a fast convertible that screams FUN! from every inch of it.


Master Violence

It’s incumbent on you to know how to protect yourself effectively. Doubly so if you have a family.

You need to try several forms of MMAs to see which one resonates with you best.

You must stick with whatever self-defense MMA that works for you. Be sure to put in the hours and watch as your skills and overall confidence grows.


Why Smart Men Avoid Marriage

The woman you marry, will not be the same woman that you divorce. A woman’s true character will be revealed during a divorce. So, don’t be surprised if she makes up loads of crazy stories to get family law, and potentially even the police, to do her dirty work for her.

If you have kids with her, then be ready for her to weaponize them during the divorce. She’ll do absolutely everything in her power to turn them against you and alienate them from you. Rest assured, that this will test your personal resolve and frame to the absolute limit. Being alienated from their kids is one of the biggest reasons why so many men either commit suicide, or at the very least, contemplate it.

Before getting married, go see a divorce lawyer together and do not be guilt-tripped or shamed by your LTR for doing this (that, in and of itself, is a major red flag). Invest the money needed for a one-hour consultation with a local divorce lawyer to find out how a divorce would pan out where you live. Just think, if a skydiving instructor informed you that, not only did your parachute only have a 50% chance, or less, of opening. But, that you would also immediately lose legal access to everything that you had worked hard for the minute you jumped (including access to your kids), would you still want to jump out of that plane?


Kindle | Hardcover | Audiobook