Summary: The One Truth By Jon Gordon
Summary: The One Truth By Jon Gordon

Summary: The One Truth By Jon Gordon

Oneness and Separateness

the One Truth is that our state of mind, the thoughts we think, the words we say, the life we live, and the power we have and everything we experience are ultimately influenced by oneness and separateness. Think of a team that is divided. They feel separated from each other and are weak. Now think of a team that is united. They are connected, powerful, and strong. The same goes for you.

When you feel a sense of oneness, connection, and unity, you feel powerful, confident, and strong. When you feel separate, you feel divided, weak, and powerless. When you feel connected and one, you have a high state of mind. When you feel separate, you have a low state of mind. When you feel oneness, you feel love. You feel like you are home.

When you feel separate, you feel fear, like a child who is lost searching for your way back home. When you feel oneness you experience the essence of love. When you feel separate and alone, fear arises and it leads to every weakness, negative thought, and destructive behavior humans have.


You Are the Traffic

Imagine two people who are in a low state of mind driving in traffic. They both want the same spot on the same road and see themselves as separate from each other. One driver cuts the other driver off. Let’s just say the interaction is not very positive and seriously it’s how road range incidents happen. The interesting thing is that each driver sees the other as the cause of the traffic. Since they feel separate they see each other as separate and thus the one to blame.

But in Los Angeles – home to some of the worst traffic in the United States – a brilliant sign read, “You are the traffic.” In essence since we are all one, we are all the traffic. When you realize this truth, you stop seeing others as separate and part of the problem. In fact, the circumstance is not even a problem. The lie that you are separate is the problem. Remember the truth and enjoy the ride.


Pressure Believes the Lie

People often say the pressure got to them or they felt the pressure. Some mental coaches try to train people to believe pressure is a privilege and pressure is your friend. That’s a step in the right direction because it’s turning a negative into a positive, but it’s still not based on the truth. So what really is pressure?

It’s looking outside and believing that expectations, opinions, criticism, and forces outside you can impact how you feel. But in truth we know that anything outside you can only impact you if you believe the lie that it does. Thus, pressure is believing the lie that anything outside you can impact how you feel and perform. When you know the truth that this isn’t the case, the lie fades away and so does the pressure.


The Leader with Integrity

create success. The word “integrity” comes from the word integer, which means whole or complete. A leader with integrity is whole and complete. There’s no gap between what they say and do. There’s no separation between their character, values, principles, and actions. Their actions are representative of their values and principles. Because of their wholeness and alignment, leaders with integrity earn trust from others and are impactful and powerful leaders, whereas leaders who have an integrity gap and a gap in their character are weak leaders.

Who you are determines how you lead. Leaders who are whole build trust and create lasting success, whereas those who have a gap and separation struggle in their ability to lead and impact. Those who lead with ego and fear in order to gain power might deliver short‐term results, but over time their gap, separation, and incongruency will lead to their demise. On the other hand, the leader with integrity who empowers others will gain power and influence.


Ego Is Not the Enemy

We often hear the phrase “Ego is the enemy,” but actually separation is the enemy. When you feel separate, you feel powerless. This gives rise to the EGO, which is an acronym for Edging God Out. EGO props up and tries to give you a sense of power, but it’s actually weak, false power, because it’s limited to self and not connected to a higher and greater power. It reinforces the sense of self and bolsters the lie that you are separate, which further disconnects you from the power and oneness you seek. If you are filling yourself up by feeding your own ego, then God can’t fill you up. You are full but not fulfilled.

In the world of electronics, the resistor relies on its own power and holds on to its electrons. As a result, its power is limited. But a conductor freely gives and receives its electrons. It knows that its power comes from the source and power that flow through it. Ego causes you to be a resister, whereas humility allows you to be a conductor. Humility is knowing there is a God who is not you, and your power comes not from yourself but from the connection you have and the power that moves through you.


Everything Is Spiritual

Our spiritual existence makes more sense when you remember that everything you see in the world is energy. It appears physical but it’s all energy. Einstein taught us that E=mc2. That tree you chopped down for firewood creates heat because it’s energy. The ground you are walking on feels solid but at the core it’s energy vibrating slowly enough to appear solid.

Your body that seems physical is made up of trillions of vibrating energy cells with atoms as the building block. And what is an atom made of but subatomic particles and mostly empty space. The foundation of our world – and us – is not physical but energetic and spiritual. Scientifically, we are more light beings than physical beings. We are not a body with a soul. We are a soul and spirit with a temporary body. Our soul carries a unique spiritual DNA and purpose, which we are meant to express on our journey through life, and along with our spirit is meant to connect to God’s eternal infinite spirit.


We Were Created for Connection

Our energetic bodies turn to dust when we die, but our spirit and soul are meant to be connected to something greater than ourselves. Just as a fish is meant to live in water, and a tree is meant to be connected to the earth and soil in order to thrive, we are meant to live connected to our Creator. Because we were made for connection, we don’t feel quite right when are not connected. We feel empty at times, longing for something more: searching for love and purpose, wanting to feel like we matter and are part of something greater than ourselves.

So often our soul feels splintered and we know there is something missing that will fill the hole in our soul and will make us feel whole. Too often this connection feels elusive and the search feels like an imaginary quest that is a waste of time. But if we have a desire for connection, then clearly there is something we are meant to connect to. After all, if you have a desire to connect but there was nothing to connect to, then it would be futile and pointless, like trying to connect with someone who doesn’t like you or want to talk to you – a big waste of time.