Summary: The Motivation Manifesto By Brendon Burchard
Summary: The Motivation Manifesto By Brendon Burchard

Summary: The Motivation Manifesto By Brendon Burchard

We Shall Meet Life with Full Presence and Power

Life is not meant to be a long series of unfelt and undirected experiences. We are not to be zombies and slaves, unconscious animals trapped in dumbness to the moment, leading mindless and powerless lives. We are not intended to be inattentive to our loved ones and the duties of life or the dreams in our hearts.

Should we wish to be free and alive with full power, we must decide to bring the full might of our conscious mind to the present experience. We must choose to feel again. We must sense this life.

Let us remember that all that we love of life can be accessed only now. All we seek is here, with us and available to us in this moment. All the real riches—love, passion, joy, satisfaction, harmony—are available now on the menu of the mind, available for us to savor should we awake and order them. All that we seek to become is also here; we can choose what role we want to play and how we will direct life’s energies in each moment. Should we learn to direct our awareness and power in all we do, then discontent shall disappear and a vital energy will return. We will sense a vibrancy unfathomable to most men and women of this Earth. For this, let us declare: We Shall Meet Life with Full Presence and Power.


We Shall Reclaim Our Agenda

Life has a way of being easily torn from us day by day. We forget what we want and get distracted. We do what others tell us to do. We say yes to so many things that we end up with no time to do the things that matter to us. This is the reality of the masses.

We are one or the other: the striver with the Spear of Purpose or the distracted straggler with the excuse. Which will be our reality? Shall we allow ourselves to be directionless in life, ripped from any purpose by the demands of others and all the distractions of the world? Or shall we finally get serious about the fact that our days will become weeks and weeks will become months and months will become years and decades and a lifetime either won or lost, joyful or regretful, purposeful or squandered?

Let us make this day the day we take back our life’s agenda from the grips of conformity and distraction. Let us have our aim in life and move toward it swiftly and diligently. Let us not forget that our simple efforts and daily triumphs can gather weight and motion to become an unstoppable force toward a focused and free life.

Let us now get serious about our days and who we are becoming because of them. Let’s get serious about the aim and enjoyment of a meaningful life. It is time to value the hour once more and refuse to give up our lives to the world’s distractions and nonsense. It is time to make our own way and get back our day. For this, we declare: We Shall Reclaim Our Agenda.


We Shall Defeat Our Demons

We would rather smile at the reflection and be proud of its courage. We want to see ourselves as free and motivated masters of our own lives. Yet a quick glance into our own tired eyes often reveals a knowledge that we are standing in our own way. Too often we find ourselves muttering at the mirror, “You again? Why can’t you get your act together and go for what you truly desire? Why aren’t you taking more risks, speaking up more, being more consistent, connecting better with people?” These are difficult days when we realize our internal demons are beating us. Those days must come to an end. Now.

Greatness belongs to those who have mastered their internal world. We are all plagued by doubt, but the great nevertheless find faith and begin. We all feel like delaying action, but the great march on. We all want to avoid vulnerability or act superior over others from time to time, but the great consistently demonstrate openness, humility, and love. These few are not lucky; they are simply more intentional and more practiced at defeating their internal demons. That is why they have so much vitality, motivation, and confidence—enlightenment comes to those who free themselves from self-oppression.

Let us choose to make that our aim, and once and for all root out that which holds us back in life. We deserve to be free from all those stirrings within us that compromise our magnificence. For this, let us declare: We Shall Defeat Our Demons.


We Shall Advance with Abandon

We live in a culture flooded with tasks and spreadsheets and work plans that inspire no heart, no drive, no courage. Should we want true change and a life of our own, we must not, under any circumstances, allow ourselves to settle on a vision or a calling or a change in any arena that is contrived by popular opinion versus our own heart. A truly free person does not fear bringing forth a desire that is unbounded and even scares them a little bit, something that will demand the best of themselves, that might rattle them but take them out of their own orbit and into the stratosphere of the remarkable.

Our destiny hinges on a mindset for bold action. We gain power from again and again allowing ourselves to choose the kind of recklessness that allows us to be vulnerable, genuine, and brave in pursuit of our dreams. When our hearts yearn for action and growth, we should care little about what society says is possible or prudent. Let us judge for ourselves what is worth the risk. Let us decide what progress really means in life, as it surely means more than inching along like snails. Let us decide to take our first steps without knowing how the journey will turn out. If that defines us as reckless and crazy, then let us accept that fate and celebrate the fact that we shall not be cowards. Let us declare: We Shall Advance with Abandon.


We Shall Practice Joy and Gratitude

Humans are not destined to be the lazy, tired, greedy, boring caricatures of gross abundance splashed before us today with such sensationalism. Sadly, from afar, it would appear that many people have become resigned, that they have given up their remarkable potential, that they are consenting to creep instead of soar, that they risk turning into a culture of slow-moving, low-aiming, negativity-spewing brats and blamers.

One by one, we are seeing so many people for whom we care get sucked into the awful whirlpool of negativity. The energy of all this is palpable, and it must be our imperative to change it.

It must be a main aim of our lives to rekindle the magic of life. We mustn’t live in the darkness of our doubts, the shadows of the joyless, or the clutches of the energy vampires. Let us remember that life’s purpose is to live—to live freely, vibrantly, joyously, madly, consciously, lovingly, enthusiastically. Our nature gives us an intrinsic charge for such a life, and it is time to fire it once more.

We are to be radiant, grateful, buoyant people basking in our blessings and striving cheerfully toward our dreams under the bright and loving sunshine of the Divine. It takes only will and conditioning to enjoy such a life. Let us make the choice to reexamine our attitude and orientation to life, to cultivate a more positive and present pulse. Let us declare: We Shall Practice Joy and Gratitude.


We Shall Not Break Integrity

It is time to remind ourselves that today’s thoughts and actions become our legacy. When we forget this or lie to ourselves thinking our actions do not matter, we have permission to act as momentary buffoons. We let ourselves break, just this once, from our values. We cheat, just this once. We lie, just this once. We put off the hard task, just this once. We skip the workout, just this week. We take the drink, just one more. And soon we find that each of these little breaks in our will leads to another, and then to a lifetime of compromise and regret. Without vigilance, what is right and strong about the human spirit can be whittled away and broken forever.

Let us not forget that our actions form, piece by piece, a structure that is either upright or crooked. And so let us aim to be our highest selves, keeping our character and values intact, meeting every situation with solid integrity and generous humanity. When the next temptation comes to be weak and heartless—and it will come—we will not take it. Instead there will be a strong, grounded refusal to break, a decision not to compromise or lower ourselves, that mighty lift that comes from doing what’s right, a grand ascent to another realm of human character when we are congruent with our divine nature.

Personal Freedom, and the hope of mankind, rests on our commitment to stay true to ourselves, our dreams, our word, our goodness, and our loving nature. By refusing to bend on our values, we become unbreakable—solid and stable, courageous and certain, men and women of valor, worth, and character. Let us build a life we are proud of. Let us declare: We Shall Not Break Integrity.


We Shall Amplify Love

Love is our origin and our final destination. Our spirit was animated by the loving energy of a higher power, and as we release our last breath our spirits will dissipate back into that love.

With love’s transcendent power, we can be reborn and redirected. When we open to it, life itself can feel newer, more alive, more magical and meaningful. When we ready ourselves for our ultimate destiny, when we release our childish, selfish needs and realign our priorities to those of the heart, we can finally reach those magnificent fields of human empathy, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, and courage.

We must stop pretending that there is not enough love in the world to give or receive, as though love can somehow be diminished or squandered by human force. Love is a divine energy, always present, accessible, flowing. If we accept this much, we can go further. We can let go of past hurts, for they have nothing to do with the reality of love itself. And we can stop playing our petty games, slowly pacing the release of our love to the world only when it feels safe. Limiting how much love we give to others because we fear lack is an act of cowardice, not divine strength. And so let us now sense love anew, from a different, divine perspective. Let us feel its abundance and let it emanate through us in its full force so that we might soar and serve at levels beyond human imagination. Let us declare: We Shall Amplify Love.


We Shall Inspire Greatness

Each of us serves as a living example to others. Our character and conduct can cast either the bright glow of greatness and service to the far corners of our influence, or a shadow of smallness and selfishness to the unfortunate few nearest us. Our striving for a better life and a better world can leave others inspired if it comes from a genuine place of service, or diminished if it comes from a place of greed.

We must have the courage to ask, “In this confused era, am I seeking to be a role model on a daily basis for all of those I love and serve? Am I lifting up those around me? Am I in some way elevating humanity by leading others to see and activate their potential? Am I living a truly great life?”

Seeking greatness—and doing the work to deserve it—must come back into our collective consciousness. Let us now awaken that powerful force within that seeks to lift some of the weight of the world from the backs of those struggling. Let us take our position as generals of generosity, as leaders of the highest caliber who give a damn about others and the world. Let us declare with firm intent, to the world and ourselves: We Shall Inspire Greatness.


We Shall Slow Time

We are not supposed to miss this moment. Our soul was not meant to be trapped in the past, weighted by futile attachments to longstanding stories, caged by old angers and regrets, unable to sense and soar in the white and clean emotional expanse of Now.

We are not supposed to miss this moment. Our families do not desire a life of frenzied urgency; they do not want our absence, in mind or body, to be their only memory of us.

We are not supposed to miss this, this life. But we do, all frazzled, stressed, and stripped away from the moment. The cost is immense—so many moments blurred by speed and worry and panic, creating the catastrophe of a joyless life.

We can experience so much more of life. It takes very little focus and effort to increase our awareness of the gift of each day, to insert more depth and feeling and meaning in life again. Let us make that our aim. We must shift our focus away from the chaos and back to the true order of the universe, which gives us unrestricted freedom and peace in this moment. We must breathe once more. We must drink in our surroundings and let our bodies feel again. We must connect our heart to our life, putting hope and passion and love back into the efforts of the hour. This requires only a new deployment of our attention, time, and energy, a different intention and pace to life. We must slow it all down so that we can feel it once more, enjoy it once more, live it perhaps for the first time. This is the moment to finally begin to enjoy life’s blessings. Let us declare: We Shall Slow Time.