Summary: The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco
Summary: The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

Summary: The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

No such thing as overnight millionaire. Right process creates events that others see as luck.


Slowlane is not always the problem.

But slowlane as a total plan is. Slowlane as a part of my Fastlane is not.


I am as I have chosen to be.

Who’s the idiot? The idiot himself or the ‘idiot’ that hires the idiot? If I’m dissatisfied with my life, I have to take full accountability for my choices. Yes, I’m as I have chosen.


The younger I am the more potent my choices are.

A bad choice can set my trajectory off by one 1 degree today, but over years the error is magnified. If I’m under 30, my choices are at peak horsepower because they’re growing the thick branches of my choice tree.

So it’s time to put the pedal to the medal! Be careful consequences of old choices are thick and hard to bend. So, choose carefully.


Fastlaners are frugal with time.

Slowlaners are frugal with money.


The 5 Fastlane Commandments

  1. Need
  2. Entry
  3. Control
  4. Scale
  5. Time
Don’t chase money. Chase needs.

I violate the commandment of Entry. I got to prepare to be Exceptional.

In a gold rush, don’t dig for gold. Sell shovels!

I must sit on top of the pyramid and Control my system, my money tree and my brand.

Stop climbing pyramids. Start creating one.

I must increase my reach or magnitude to achieve Scale.

If I sell Lamborghinis over Hyundais, I have greater magnitude (margin). If I sell online over my neighborhood, I have greater reach (volume).

I must detach my Time from my business.

Don’t teach every time. Record myself teaching onetime and replicate the media to masses.

I must constantly explore Open Roads

Here are the most common phrases to spot Fastlane opportunities.

  • I hate – what do you hate? Solve the hate, and there’s my open road.
  • I don’t like – what don’t you like? Remove the dislike, and there’s my open road.
  • This frustrates me – what is frustrating? Remove the frustration there’s my open road.
  • Why is this like this – why is it? Question the status quo there’s my open road.
  • Do I have to – Do you? Remove the have to there’s my open road
  • I wish there was – What do you wish? Figure out the wish there’s my open road
  • I’m tired of – What are you tired of? Fix the roadblocks and there’s my open road
  • This suck – What sucks? Fix the sucking and there’s my open road


Ideas are second. Execution is Key.

The owner of an idea is not he who imagines it, but he who executes it. Business plans are second. Execution is Key. Business plans are useless until they’re married to execution.

VCs never invest in business plans. They invest in people with track records of execution.


Figure out what needs figuring and just go do it.

The world will do its job and tell my directions to travel.


Never downplay a complaint.

One complaint means there are 10 others who feel the same.


SUCS: Superior Unexpected Customer Service

Make a subjective call on how my customers expect service, then violate it. Anytime I do so, I have dual benefits.

First, they buy from me again and again. Second, they become unpaid human resource and marketing systems.


Enlist the help of excellent A&A

Good accountant and attorney will save me thousands, if not millions.