Summary: The MBA Mindset By Prashant Navin Gupta
Summary: The MBA Mindset By Prashant Navin Gupta

Summary: The MBA Mindset By Prashant Navin Gupta

First, Convince Yourself

Like a newborn baby, the idea to pursue an MBA needs proper nurturing for it to take a beautiful form. Follow the framework: Introspect, Research, and Evaluate to cultivate your MBA dreams. Before discussing your MBA aspirations with others, first, convince yourself and make a detailed plan so that you know why an MBA is the best journey for you.


Convincing the Gatekeepers

The efforts that you put in preparing for your B-school admissions have the potential to transform your life and personality. Therefore, prepare for B-school admissions sincerely and enter only through the front door!

The ‘Why MBA?’ question is the most critical question in a B-school admission interview. Your interview results hang on the response to this vital question, and you must prepare an impressive answer. Be conversational and come up with exciting answers during the interviews. Lastly, rather than acquiring brands on your CV, focus on becoming a brand.


Learning to Leverage Your Network

Sow—Build an Identity

Grow—Build an Ecosystem

Harvest—Build Relationships

Networking is an essential skill necessary for all management professionals. But networking needs to be done with a purpose and in a targeted manner. Being pleasant does not equate to networking. The three-step networking model of Sow, Grow, and Harvest can give your networking skills a better structure and make it more meaningful. LinkedIn is one of the top networking tools for professional networking. Make a solid profile and follow the three-step networking model to leverage your professional network.


Choosing the Right Specialisation

Please do not enter a B-school without thinking through your intended area of specialisation. While choosing your specialisation, think about your personality and strengths, future aspirations, and family background—give your background the least weightage. Then, try to find the sweet spot where these factors meet and this will help you create a satisfying career.


Creating Favourable First Impressions

Your first impressions are more important than you think. They will set the lenses with which the entire batch will see you for the rest of your B-school journey. Design the ideal impression that you would want to cast and work towards projecting it. Prepare a good introduction script and practise delivering it confidently.


Fostering Beneficial Hobbies

Leverage your time at B-school to rekindle your love for hobbies. Develop active hobbies that can enhance your personality and move away from passive pursuits that are nothing but a waste of your time. Differentiate yourself from others by investing in these hobbies. Many start-ups are the result of the creative pursuits of their founders.


Acing the Case

Case studies are the currencies of knowledge exchange in B-schools. Therefore, you need to master the art of cracking case studies for success in a B-school and prosper as management professional. MS Excel is a must. Practise it every day as it will pay you rich dividends all your life. Learn the art of storytelling to deliver your messages effectively.


Crafting Unique Value Propositions

Internships are essential but not as critical as they first seem to be. Choose your internships based on your needs rather than your desires. Participate as much as you can in competitions, live projects, and other campus activities like clubs and interest groups to up your game in the corporate world.


Understanding B-School Examinations

Understand the core message from each of the subjects you study at a B-school—just one-line key message, and this would be the biggest takeaway from your time at the B-school. Ask questions—the ones with intent and purpose behind them. Learn to master the tools and make your own rules. This is the only way to become a corporate leader.


Graduating to a Management Lifestyle

Stay prepared to lose your job anytime, as jobs have become ephemeral. Losing a job should neither sadden you nor surprise you. Insure, invest, and save. Do all three with your first salary, no matter how meagre you think it is. Prioritise your health and fitness over everything else. People forget the dead very soon, especially dead employees. So, do not lose your health by giving extra importance to your work.


What Truly Matters!

The list of things that truly matter in our lives is rather small. Find out what you care about and never fret about the desires that do not really matter. Our health and the time we plan to spend with our loved ones is too precious. Do not trade it to chase immaterial things in life.