Summary: The Energy Codes By Sue Morter
Summary: The Energy Codes By Sue Morter

Summary: The Energy Codes By Sue Morter

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The Invisible You: Bioenergy Basics

The seven Energy Codes are the road map for living as the Soulful Self. You can practice the principles and methods on your own. They will help you to heal mental, emotional, and physical dysfunctions; create balance and well-being in every area of your life; and live your true nature and divine purpose.

Each of the seven Codes corresponds to a chakra, a major energy center of the body, from the base of the spine to the crown of your head. The Codes build on one another, so ideally you’ll want to approach them in the order they have been laid out.


#1 The Anchoring Code

Getting Back in Your Body. We live identified as the mind, believing that’s all there is. As a result, we try to think our way to a better life. But the raw energy moving in the body shows us a very different reality about our true nature. By turning our attention inward to the body and grounding our awareness there, the Anchoring Code takes us the first step in shifting our focus from the external world to the energetic core that is our true essence, and thus in identifying as that essence—the Soulful Self.


#2 The Feeling Code

The Language of the Soul. Having anchored our attention in the body’s core, we now continue awakening our sensory nervous system and training it on what it can perceive. As we sense and feel the energy shifts taking place within the body, we begin a divine dialogue between our true self—the soul—and our mind. This gives us a revolutionary new way of understanding and responding to what happens in our life and simultaneously builds our presence as the Soulful Self.


#3 The Clearing Code

The Healing Power of the Subconscious. For most of us, communication between the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind has been shut down due to emotional overload during key life experiences. This means we can’t get traction creating what we want in life because unresolved issues that lie outside of our awareness are holding us back. In the Clearing Code, we learn how to open the door to our subconscious, resolve the residue of the experiences that are trapped there, and reintegrate the energy that has been tied up with this into the flow of our system—simultaneously giving us the energetic potency and coherence we need to manifest our wishes and bringing us ever closer to living in our wholeness as the Soulful Self.


#4 The Heart Code

The Universal Solvent. The vibrational frequency we experience as love is the energy of the Soulful Self. This energy is our true nature and the highest vibration we can experience here in physical form. It’s also a universal solvent—able to resolve all stuckness, transmute all interferences, and heal all wounds. In the Heart Code, we intentionally generate this awe-inspiring vibration within ourselves, which—despite what we’ve believed before now about needing to get or find love from others—is where we experience it most powerfully. We then use it to dissolve lower-frequency energetic densities of the Protective Personality and to create more sensory neurocircuitry for perceiving, activating, and animating the Soulful Self.


#5 The Breath Code

The Power of Life Itself. To manifest means to bring into physical reality. Here we learn the most powerful tool we have for manifesting spirit or energy in physical form—the breath. Breath is energy, vitality, or life force; it is life itself. When we systematically breathe our essential energy into our energetic densities—the places where we’re stuck—we lighten and lessen the Protective Personality; when we breathe into the core of the body, we energize and enliven the Soulful Self. While we’ve been doing this throughout the previous Codes, in the Breath Code we’ll learn additional, more advanced breathwork techniques to heal specific physical issues as well as to continue awakening to our highest consciousness and full potential.


#6 The Chemistry Code

The Alchemy of Embodiment. We’re often more accustomed to responding reactively to our external environment than proactively generating—from within—the life we would love. Consequently, our perspective and body are in survival mode, creating the stress-based chemistry of the fight-flight-or-fright response. The Chemistry Code gives us the keys for swiftly and effectively shifting our physiology from “threatened” to “safe,” further facilitating our transformation from the Protective Personality to the Soulful Self. It teaches us how to create an optimal physical environment or “home” for increasing the presence of the Soulful Self.


#7 The Spirit Code

Where the Many Become One. Identifying as the mind, we hold ourselves separate from everything: from each other, from nature, and even from our own energy—our true, spiritual Self. Yet our system is designed for us to experience the connection and oneness that, at the level of energy, is our truth. By the time we reach this Code, having integrated enough of our previously dispersed energy and activated the higher-brain centers that allow us to live “above” the fight-flight-or-fright response, we automatically see life from a different perspective. In the Spirit Code, we focus on stilling the thinking mind and becoming truly present so we can readily perceive the soulful communications that are constantly rising up within our body and act according to them, without hesitation or doubt. This is Creatorship. It is living as the Soulful Self.

The Energy Codes represent a whole new approach to healing. In general, our culture has looked at well-being from the outside in, upside down, and backward. We must change this if we are ever to create the life we want—or, more importantly, become our destiny as true creators.

In order to get the most out of this work and create the level of integration and embodiment that the Energy Codes promise, we must make the following shifts in our mental perception of health, healing, and our identity.

  1. What harms (and heals) us does not come from the outer world. We must stop thinking that only viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms make us “sick,” and medicine and surgery make us “well.” We must understand that true wholeness, healing, and integration come from within, because they begin in our energy field.
  2. We are more than “merely human.” When we study traditional spirituality (or even less conventional modalities such as yoga), we tend to see ourselves as mere human beings in search of God or Spirit, which will save us from our lot in life. The truth is, we are that which we are seeking. We are energy beings—and, because everything in the universe is interconnected, we are one with the divine energy that is Source. We are rooted in Heaven, and our final frontier is to fully embody our divine Self here on Earth.
  3. There is nothing “wrong” in your life. There are no problems to overcome, and no obstacles to be victorious over. When we make the Quantum Flip and begin to view life from the Front Side of the Model, we see that there was never anything wrong, because all of our life experiences are happening for our ultimate benefit. It’s all in our favor, and it has been all along.


Final Word

In the Energy Codes program, you will find detailed information about each Code, instructions for doing the practices, descriptions of the results you can expect from each practice, and more. You’ll learn everything you need to know to make your own Quantum Flip and begin living fully as your Soulful Self. Your understanding of the above truths will only increase as you immerse yourself in the work of bringing online your whole, divine, energetic self and integrating all the multiple layers of your being.

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