Summary: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
Summary: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Summary: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

People express love and feel loved in different languages and dialects.

Language 1 – Words of Affirmations

It communicates with words how much you love your partner. (e.g. I love you, give compliments, say you love it so much when they call you)

Language 2 – Quality time

Its values spending time with your partner and giving your undivided attention. It’s more than sitting on the couch, watching Netflix. It’s about turning all the devices off, and staring each other in the eyes, going for a walk just the two of you, eating together while having personal conversations…

Language 3 – Gifts

It describes a symbol of appreciation, a sign you’re thinking of them. The value of a gift is actually often less important (of course, unless you’re a millionaire, you don’t have to spend a fortune). And remember when savers are in a relationship, it could create problems. But by purchasing gifts you’re purchasing for yourself.

Language 4 – Acts of service

“Let me do that for you” is the keyword. It shows you give your time and resources to take a load off their shoulders. So, consider cooking, changing the diapers and mowing the grass for your partner. Just pay attention to the dialect your partner speaks. For example, your partner might feel your duty is mowing the lawn while you’re taking care of the children. So, make sure you ask your partner.

Language 5 – Physical touch

Your kiss, hug, cuddle and sex tell them how much you love them. Even then, there’re dialects in which your partner prefers one part of the body to another. So, don’t assume. Ask, better, observe.