Summary: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker
Summary: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker

Summary: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker

It’s not about easy. It’s about simple but it’s not about easy.

If you want to be successful, you must be willing to do what’s hard. All you do doesn’t have to be hard but you have to be willing to do what’s hard. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. When it gets tough, that’s when you shine.

If you’re only willing to do what’s easy, life will be very hard. If you’re willing to do what’s hard, life will become easy.


You do what you say you’re gonna do. That’s your integrity.

“We made an appointment at 9:00, but I can’t be there until 9:01. Is that alright with you?” You know what the other person is going to remember. “Woa.. on my god… this guy called me to say he’s going to be late by 60 seconds. I want to do business with him.” So what about Tiger Woods and all those people? Where’s their integrity?

You’re going to pay in proportion to your integrity. You can make a whole lot of money without integrity… but you’re not going to keep it.


You devote yourself unreservedly to what you’re gonna do. That’s your commitment.

“Whoa that’s hard.” And then you go from one thing to the next. And the next. And the next. Lack of focus. Being scattered. Not completing. Don’t stop until you’re a millionaire. Never don’t complete. If you’re a man of integrity, you start what you finish. And you watch how the universe support you.

To be committed is to devote oneself unreservedly. 1000 percent. Nothing held back. All out on the field. That’s what warrior commitment is all about. Because when the warrior is out on the field, are they gonna take a break? There is no such thing. It’s a 1000 percent or no percent. It’s either dead or alive. You either commit or you don’t.

“When you commit, your spirit begins to support you. The universe begins to bend over backwards to help you.”


If you’re not leading, what are you doing? You’re following. If you’re following, who are you following?

In your relationship, are you the leader or the follower? In your family, are you the leader or the follower? A lot of people don’t lead their family. If not you then, who’s there to do it. If you’re not leading, you’re following. If you’re following, who are you following? Probably nobody. You’re running around in circles.

Someone has to lead. And it’s gotta be you. So why do you lead? First, someone has to. Second, it pays. It pays big. Have you ever noticed who makes the most money in companies? The leaders.


Should you get rich doing what you love? Absolutely. Can you get rich doing what you love? Of course, you can.

There are so many narrow niches with very narrow interests and very specific problems that you really can get rich doing what you love. Light the trees under fire and when the economy rebounds, you’ll be in a perfect position to roll twice as high and twice as fast.

Believe it. Enough people have enough money to make you really rich.

It’s not necessary to try and get rid of fear in order to succeed. You don’t have to get rid of fear.

But you have to act in spite of it. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Successful people have fears. Successful people have doubts. Successful people have worries. They just don’t let those feelings stop them. Unsuccessful people have the exact same feelings. But they let those feelings stop them. That’s the only difference.

So how do you develop the trait of action in spite of fear? You practice. You take action regardless of anything in your way. Do not resist chances. Take your vitamins. Let go of the brakes. Don’t worry about the bumps and bruises. You can take them.

“It doesn’t work. I work. It doesn’t happen. I make it happen.”


Tiny little bit. That’s all you need because there’s something called the law of momentum. 

A body in motion will tend to remain in motion. A body at rest will tend to remain at rest. Even if you start at $100, you’re now in motion. And that’s all it takes.

Most of us start with I don’t know what to do. So, you learn how to do something. You look at a few different vehicles and you find one that resonates with you. You learn one or more of these vehicles, get to know them more and you do just a litte. And as it starts to grow organically, you do a little bit more.You don’t have to start with a lot of money here. In fact, it’s not even smart to do. Almost every ri ch person started with nothing just like you and me. But the difference is they learn something and they start it. They get in the game. Really small. But they’re in.

“Every master was once a disaster. Everyone who is great at something now once was terrible at it.”


Business is a learnable skill. The problem with most businesses is they’re way too complicating. 

They don’t know what they’re doing. There are only three areas you need to learn and master in business. If there are more than three, you’re way too complicated. If there’re less than three, you’re missing a big piece of your business. Here are three areas of any business:

  1.     Production
  2.     Marketing
  3.     Operations (administration of production and marketing)

Of those three areas, the most important is marketing. If you don’t market, there’s no way your product or service will get into the hands of customers. Without marketing, you have no customers. Without customers,you have no money coming in. If you’re great at marketing, companies will break down their doors to get to you to work for them and pay you big bucks.


Life is the greatest game ever invented. Because it’s totally lopsided in our favor.

Who’s the player? Who’s the referee? Who’s the judge? Who’s the timer? How could you lose this game? This Is the only game on earth there isn’t even an opponent. No one is trying to prevent you from scoring or succeeding… except from one person. Wonder who that could be? Who’s the only one preventing you from succeeding? Yourself. When you really get that, you will be a success. You can have all other people play parts and roles… but you’re the one who stops you.

When you really get that there’s no one else in the game but you, your life will come together and you’ll have instant enlightenment.


There’s so much money in the world. You, one more extra millionaire, isn’t going to make one dent in everyone else. 

The reality is when you have more money, you’re going to spend more money. When you go to a store and you spend twenty dollars on that shopkeeper, that gives that shopkeeper a certain amount of lifestyle and then that shopkeeper can go spend a little bit for themselves. The economy goes around like that.

“The more you have, the more everybody has. The more you have, the more you spend, everybody wins.”

If you say and feel you’re worthy, you are.

What right does everybody have to tell you you’re worthy or not? They have a right to tell you. But you have a right to what you listen to and what you don’t listen to. If you say you’re worthy, you’re. If you say you’re not worthy, you’re not.

First is the story. Then life. “Yeah… but I can’t do it.”. That’s right, now you can’t. “But that’s gonna be hard. Well, it’s definitely hard now. Can you imagine a squirrel not collecting too many nuts in the winter because it’s not feeling worthy? There’s a saying:

“If a 100-ft oak tree has the mind of a human being, they will only grow to be 10-ft tall.”