Summary: Sales Secrets: The World’s Top Salespoeple Share Their Secrets to Success by Brandon Bornancin
Summary: Sales Secrets: The World’s Top Salespoeple Share Their Secrets to Success by Brandon Bornancin

Summary: Sales Secrets: The World’s Top Salespoeple Share Their Secrets to Success by Brandon Bornancin

You’re selling to a ‘person’.

By Kevin Dorsey

“I study people because no matter what niche, and no matter what product, you’re still gonna sell to a person. You still have to convince a person to change their behavior because of your communication style.”


Let them ‘say’ to you their problems out loud.

By Rob Jeppsen

“Your prospects have to tell you their problem with their own mouth. If it does not cross their lips, if they don’t say it, you don’t have the right to solve it.”


You can’t force feed your prospects.

By Chris Beall

“Set the table but don’t reach over, grab their fork and stick food in their mouth. Let them get intrigued by the dishes on the plate and help themselves.”


Use storytelling to block objections.

By Victor Antonio

“If you can use storytelling, present your product and block objections at the same time, that is the trifecta of the ultimate presentation.”


Smile on the line.

By James Buckley

“I think my clients can hear me smile over the phone.”


Prospects don’t care about you.

By Steve Hall

“The terrifying truth about your customers is they’re just like you. They care about themselves and don’t give a damn about you. You have to put yourself in their shoes.”


First benefits. Then costs.

By Jason Jordan

“If the benefit your prospect sees is big enough, then the cost becomes irrelevant. If you start with the cost, you’re digging out of a hole the entire time.”


Mistakes are ok, the same kinds are not.

By Ryan Resiert

“We can never fail by trying – we only fail by repeating the same mistakes over and over again.”


Coach. Don’t sell.

By Keith Rosen

“Salespeople don’t need more fancy ways of closing a deal, they need to learn how to become coaches for their clients.”


Cookie-cutter won’t cut it.

By Lee Salz

“If it’s important to the people you sell, it should be important to you.”


People hate being sold.

By Ryan Serhant

“People hate being sold but they love shopping with friends.”


Roll up your sleeves.

By Christopher Fago

“Proactively doing what nobody wants to do shows that you’re committed and are willing to do whatever it takes. It sets you apart from the rest.”


Be a student, always.

By Sean Sheppard

“Be a learn-it-all, not know-it-all.”


You’ll never know everything.

By Carson Heady

“When you’re able to be cognizant that you don’t know everything, it changes everything.”


The secret is there’s no secret.

By Scott Ingram

“Sales is an incremental process where you’re going to chip away, chip away, chip away and at some point, you may become a diamond.”


Content is king.

By Sarah Scudder

“I’m growing my company by building out a marketing team, not a traditional sales team. I believe creating content is the future of sales.”


End the battle between marketing and sales.

By Todd Wilms

“Those that can make the mental shift to align sales and marketing will be successful, and those that can’t, are ultimately going to fail.”


Your network is your net worth.

By Amy Franko

“I really believe that the value of my relationships directly impacts the sales results that I can accomplish.”


Sales is leadership. And leadership is sales.

By Dayna Rothman

“It’s not your own individual game. We as leaders have to set ourselves up for success by building a team that can support and drive our visions.”

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