Summary: Monday Morning Mentoring by David Cottrell
Summary: Monday Morning Mentoring by David Cottrell

Summary: Monday Morning Mentoring by David Cottrell

Getting Past Splat

My success depends on having the courage and tenacity to get past splat.

I am the driver of my success and happiness!

Until I accept total responsibility—no matter what—I will not be able to put plans in place to accomplish my goals.

Transitioning from manager to leader requires that I make different decisions.

My success is the result of making better choices and recovering quickly from poor choices.


What Is the Main Thing?

People have different perceptions of what the main thing is.

People quit people before they quit companies.

I have to build a relationship with my boss with the same intensity I maintain in leading my team.

I need more focus on the main things!


Escape from Management Land

I need to get in touch with my people.

My team needs me to hire good people, coach everyone, and dehire the people who are not carrying their share of the load.

My job is not to lower the bottom by adjusting and accommodating the falling stars. I should be raising the top by recognizing and rewarding superstar behaviors.

I cannot ignore performance issues and expect them to go away.


Tough Learning

Understand that everyone needs to be held accountable, including me.

Focus on the criticism that is constructive and not personal.

Accept constructive criticism as a gift.

Acknowledge that criticism is a learning tool that teaches us lessons throughout our lives.


Do the Right Thing

I have to acknowledge that doing the right thing is always right.

I need to develop my integrity check action plan before I get into a crisis.

I need to remember that problems don’t just go away.

I have to guard my integrity like it’s my most precious management possession.


Hire Tough

The most important asset in my organization is having the right people on my team.

What I see in an interview is the very best behavior of the person …it will not get any better.

It’s important to follow the Three Rules of Three: three candidates, three times, three people evaluate.

I should never lower my standards just to fill a position! I will pay for it later.


Exits and Entrances

The success of change is largely determined by my attitude about change.

Change allows us to exit the comfortable and enter the improved.

People will resist change. I have to understand that and help them move positively through the change.


Do Less or Work Faster

My time is my responsibility. I need to take control of my time so I can take control of my life.

I need to shorten my meetings by half.

I will keep track of how I spend my time for two weeks so I can make better decisions on what to eliminate or do faster.

I will look for small increments of time by prioritizing, limiting interruptions, and effectively managing meetings.


Buckets and Dippers

Ways I need to fill buckets: Know the main things, give feedback, provide recognition, keep score.

The more buckets I fill, the more my bucket will be filled.

I need to pay attention to what is important to my team members and reward them appropriately.


The Gift of Your Legacy

Don’t let my past consume my future.

Get out of my comfort zone and begin my legacy zone.

Read every day.

Set goals.

Stay positive.