Summary: Leadershift by John C. Maxwell
Summary: Leadershift by John C. Maxwell

Summary: Leadershift by John C. Maxwell

Soloist to Conductor

You can’t do it alone. Working with others has its challenges, but try to give more than you receive.

Goals to Growth

Goals help you do better. Growth helps you become better.

A goal-mindset prioritizes hitting a target.

A growth-mindset simply focuses on “How far I can take this?” The key to embracing growth-mindset is to have a ‘teachable spirit’.

Perks to Price

Great leaders face their uncertainty and doubt, and they move through it to pave way for others.

Pleasing to Challenging

In the times of tough conversations, balance care with candor.

Maintaining to Creating

Live on the other side of Yes. Find abundance and opportunity. Say yes whenever you can.

Ladder Climbing to Ladder Building

You begin with ladder climbing, then ladder holding, then ladder extending to finally ladder building.

Directing to Connecting

When you interact with your team, is your intention to correct them or connect with them?

Team Uniformity to Team Diversity

A diverse team fills in knowledge, perspective and experience gaps.

If looking at your team resembles looking yourself in the mirror, get to know different races, ages, background and political persuasions.

Positional Authority to Moral Authority

Every leader who has moral authority had to stand alone at some point. Such moments made them.

Combine courage with integrity. You’ll be a leader people are happy to follow regardless of the destination.

Trained Leaders to Transformational Leaders

We teach what we know. But we reproduce who we are.

Career to Calling

Where our talents the needs of the world cross, there lies our vocation.

In Middle Ages, a passerby came across 3 craftsmen at work and paused to ask them what they’re doing:

First said he was laying stones. Second said he was building a wall. Third replied with a sense of pride that he was creating a magnificent cathedral.

Live without a calling, you’re likely to feel a nagging anxiety. Find it and everything changes.