Summary: Inspired Destiny By John DeMartini
Summary: Inspired Destiny By John DeMartini

Summary: Inspired Destiny By John DeMartini

Your Life Can Be Inspiring

Buried in your heart is a powerful knowing, telling you what you’d love to dedicate your life to.

Your purpose is built on what you perceive to be most important to you.

Your life’s challenges and experiences are directing and guiding you to do something truly magnificent with your life.

Discovering your purpose as early as possible gives you an advantage in building momentum, achieving your dreams, and revealing your inspired destiny to the world.


What Is “Missing” in Your Life?

Your values are based on what you perceive as “missing” in your life.

Your values can be ranked in order of importance; this is known as your “hierarchy of values.”

You make every decision according to your hierarchy of values.

Your highest values determine where you have the greatest amount of attention, long-term memory, focus, discipline, dedication, and inspiration.

Living congruently with your authentic hierarchy of values increases the likelihood of discovering your purpose and living a fulfilling and meaningful life.


What Is Most Important to You?

You can discover your highest values by examining what you fill your space with; how you spend your time, energy, and money; where you’re most organized and disciplined; what you think about and visualize; what you talk to yourself and others about; what inspires you; and what your top goals are.

Your highest value will be the same as what you perceive as most “missing” in your life.

Your hierarchy of values reflects what is truly important to you right now.

What you think your values are and what they actually are can be two very different things.

Your hierarchy of values will change throughout life as you fulfill what is most important to you. You’ll never run out of voids and values.


Your Values Drive Your Purpose

Your life purpose is to fulfill the greatest amount of voids with the greatest amount of values.

Your purpose may include any one or all of the seven areas of life.

Writing and refining your purpose statement over time will bring you greater clarity on what you ultimately would love to dedicate your time and energy to.

Every phase of your life prompts you to become clearer on your inspired destiny.

Identity transformations are opportunities to reshape and refine your direction.


Mastering the Art of Communication

Every person has a unique, specific hierarchy of values.

You have the opposite and complementary values hierarchy to someone else in the world. These opposites often turn up among your family members and other close relationships.

You view the world through your values, which means that you don’t really see the complete picture—when you acknowledge the values of others, however, you expand your perspective.

Carelessness is projecting your values onto other people and trying to change them to become more like you. Carefulness is injecting other people’s values into your life and trying to change yourself to become more like them.

Mastering the art of communication means having the ability to be caring, both in what is important to you and what is important to another person.


Making Money Doing What You Love

Every human action can be measured economically. No matter what it is that you’d love to do, there’s a way for you to get rewarded financially by providing that service.

Your inspired service to the world comes out of your highest values in life.

The more challenges you tackle, the more problems you solve, the more mysteries you unravel, and the more questions you answer through your service, the more valuable you will be to the world.

Maintaining fair exchange is the fuel that increases your acts of service to the world and keeps you out of cycles of unfair exchange.

You already have a vast fortune; it resides within your highest values.


The Keys to Mastering Your Life

The difference between “I can” and “I can’t” is directly related to whether or not the goal is associated with something that ranks high on your values hierarchy.

Living in alignment with your values allows you to tap into the natural confidence you have in the areas of greatest importance to you.

There’s no such thing as a human being with only low self-esteem. You simply have high self-esteem in areas associated with your highest values and low self-esteem in areas associated with your lowest values.

Your greatest achievements may be in a form that you haven’t recognized or acknowledged yet, but you are already successful in life.

Knowing yourself and what is most important to you enables you to become crystal clear on your purpose and pursue an inspired destiny.


Having an Astronomical Vision

Having an astronomical vision is a powerful key to fulfilling your inspired destiny.

Your soul is calling you to ever-greater magnitudes of vision.

Whenever your vision seems clouded or you feel that you’ve lost your purpose, you’ve just hit a temporary plateau in your life that when broken through will make your vision even clearer.

Your astronomical vision will drive you to transcend any challenges so that you may live a meaningful existence.

Your soul puts no constraints on what is possible for your life.


Expanding Your Time Horizons

The space and time horizons in your mind determine the level of conscious evolution that you have attained.

Setting goals for 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, or even 100 years and beyond increases the power you have to create the life you would love.

As you get older, your space and time horizons expand, and you transcend your greatest authorities to have a significant influence on the world.

The more goals you achieve, the more your awareness increases and your confidence grows.

Your soul doesn’t put a limit on how big your vision is; your own physical senses and distorted perception of reality do.

Value yourself enough to set goals beyond your lifetime to leave a mark in history and an immortal legacy.

Give yourself permission to shoot for the stars and live an extraordinary, amazing life.


Would You Love to Be a Leader or a Follower?

Throughout the ages, there have been leaders who viewed the world from a different vantage point, and these individuals had the courage to speak up about what they saw.

Genuine leaders are clear on their purpose, vision, and destiny; they have a certainty about themselves in the world. They set goals with integrity, tackle challenges head-on, and are willing to go against current conventions.

If you don’t set the agenda for your day by following your high-priority action steps, you’ll seldom (if ever) get as much done as those who do.

You have a powerful, inspiring leader buried in your heart. Now is the time to let this guiding force out into the world.


The Ripple Effect

Most people underestimate the power they have to make a significant global impact just by living their inspired destiny.

Take the time to see how your everyday actions affect others across the world.

Keep asking yourself, How does this action touch the world? until you can truly comprehend how everything you do has a profound effect upon your surroundings (and beyond).

Set an example for others on what it means to live a fulfilling life, and those around you will automatically be inspired by your powerful, loving presence.

Examine the part that you play in the human ripple effect.



You are here to live purposefully . . . to uncover your magnificent life . . . to make an extraordinary difference in the world . . . and to leave an immortal legacy.

Let nothing on the face of the earth stop you from fulfilling your inspired destiny.

Give yourself permission to shine!