Summary: HumanKind: Changing the World One Small Act at a Time by Brad Aronson
Summary: HumanKind: Changing the World One Small Act at a Time by Brad Aronson

Summary: HumanKind: Changing the World One Small Act at a Time by Brad Aronson

HumanKind will leave you grateful for what you have and provide a refuge from the negativity that surrounds us. This feel-good book will touch your heart. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll be reminded of what really matters. 


Love does

When someone is going through a crisis, emotions are magnified and even the smallest acts of kindness can carry a tremendous power. Never underestimate the strength you can give with a simple two-minute gesture like a text or better yet a phone call.

Actionable advice:

Who do you know you could give a lift right now? Write their names on the paper. How will you let them know you’re thinking of them? Send a gift, text or whatever you think they’d appreciate. If you can’t do it right now, block time on your calendar to send support.


The roles of a lifetime

Whether we realize it or not, we’re setting an example all the time. Setting an example is exactly what you should keep in mind. Look for opportunities everywhere to set an example. They could be as close as your workplace, your next-door neighbor or even your family.

Actionable advice:

Take out a pen and paper. Answer “Who do I want to set an example for? What example do I want to set? What actions can you take to be able to set that example?”


Less is more than you think

The little things are often the most powerful. When in doubt, look for more opportunities than you think you need to set an example.

Actionable advice:

Who do you want to do something for just because they’re awesome? Start with your closest friends and family. Consider what matter to them. Think for ten minutes and try to come up with small yet meaningful ideas.


The best medicine

You don’t have to be a healthcare provider to care for the people in poor health. Keep in mind that there are numerous real-life examples from giving a cup of coffee to the gift of life. You may not realize it but little things like a half hour of your company could a lot to the person you’re giving it.


Word power

You don’t need money or abundance of time to make a difference. Words carry incredible power. Think about how you could help someone just by making an introduction, finding out what’s going on with their lives or letting them know you’re rooting for them.

Actionable advice:

Say thanks more. List the people you’re thankful for. Pick one to write and tell them why. A little note like this takes ten minutes of your time but chances are the recipient will keep it forever.


Just say yes

Saying ‘yes’ shouldn’t mean we take on so many things in our already too busy life. Slow down before you say ‘yes’. When we’re willing to slow down, we all have the power and clarity to say ‘yes’ to ourselves and to others.


Be good company

Many great relationships begin with a single kind act. Show up for the people in your life, even for the little things because little things matter. Choose to be enthusiastic when you’re around people. Learn to give and take.


A new lens on life

Life is all about perspective. If you want to change your life or someone else’s, start by changing your own perspectives. Here’s are some ideas:

  • Believe the best rather than the worst
  • Add ‘yet’ to your vocabulary (I haven’t found new job yet)
  • Change from “I have to” to “I get to” (I get to take out that trash can)
  • See the positive

Actionable advice:

Get a pen and paper. Take only three seconds to look around the room you’re in. Remember everything you see that’s red. Then take only a few seconds to list everything you remember. Don’t read until you complete writing.

Now write everything you see in blue. Chances are you won’t be remembering blue things nearly as well. After all, that’s not what you were paying attention to.


Choose to celebrate

There are people going through difficult times, people who need to celebrate and that as busy as life can be, we can always help.  We have the capacity to inject fun into the life of others and our own.

Actionable advice:

When was the last time you celebrated? Whether you’re running errands or juggling to many things, it’s easy to focus on getting things done and forget to celebrate what’s already been accomplished. Celebrate both big and little things. Plan for celebration now.


Catch a wave (or start one)

When we start helping one person, it creates a ripple effect. There’s always the potential that many others will benefit. We all have the opportunity and power to create large-scale change. We just need to take one small step and get started.

Actionable advice:

Start small. Start with one single person. What can you contribute to that person? How can you keep your act of kindness as an ongoing commitment?