Summary: How to Be a Coffee Bean By Jon Gordon
Summary: How to Be a Coffee Bean By Jon Gordon

Summary: How to Be a Coffee Bean By Jon Gordon

1 Create from the Inside Out, Not the Outside In

Don’t let the environment or situation transform you. As the coffee bean, you have the power inside you to transform your environment. Don’t let your circumstance define you. You define your circumstance with your attitude, energy, and actions.


2 Be a Big Dose of Vitamin C, Instead of a Germ

Your energy is contagious, and every day you have a choice to affect people with your positive energy or infect people with your negative energy. You can be a germ, or you can be Vitamin C. Decide to be Vitamin C.


3 Smile

Did you know that when you smile your brain produces serotonin, which is an antidepressant? And when you smile at someone, they produce more serotonin in their brain as well. Just by smiling at someone, you’re helping them and helping yourself. So, whatever your job is, remember, you’re also a pharmacist.


4 Neutralize Energy Vampires

Energy vampires suck the positive energy out of individuals, teams, and organizations. Your positive energy must be greater than their negativity. Don’t let them bring you down. Instead, lift others up.


5 Be a Thermostat, Not a Thermometer

A thermostat sets and creates the temperature in the room. The thermometer measures it. When you are a thermometer, you let others be the thermostat, and how you are measured is defined by them. When you decide to be a thermostat, you create the energy and atmosphere in the room. Your body language and positive energy can change the energy everywhere you go and create the atmosphere.


6 Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Every challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve. When faced with a challenge, ask, “What can I learn from this?” “How can I improve and grow?” “What do I want now and what actions do I need to take?” When you do this, your challenges lead to you adapting, innovating, learning, and growing.


7 Learn from Failure

Too many people let failure bring them down. They see it as a definition of who they are, and this sabotages their self-esteem and identity. Instead of changing the world, they feel sorry for themselves. We want you to realize that failure is not meant to define you. It’s meant to refine you to be all you are meant to be so you can make a greater difference in the world.


8 Take Accountability and Make Amends

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s part of being human. In fact, making mistakes is often how we learn to do things correctly. Accepting that we made a mistake is only half of the process of owning our behaviors. Taking accountability is the other half. It means that we make amends for our mistakes and transgressions that affect others, and we do not make excuses for our behaviors.


9 Live in the Moment

Your energy is greatest in the present moment. Daydreaming about the future or dwelling on the past causes you to think about a different time and moment than the one you are living in. When this happens, your energy is divided and weaker. When you live in the present moment, your energy is the greatest, and you are your most powerful and impactful self.


10 Practice Servant Leadership

The secret to life is servant leadership. Servant leadership is about committing your time and energy to help others. It requires you to be selfless and put the needs of others before your own. Look for ways to serve others today, and you’ll be demonstrating leadership.


11 Encourage Others

Coffee beans are always looking for ways to encourage others. The word “encourage” literally means to put courage into. When you encourage someone, you put courage into them, and you bring out the best in them. We all need encouragement from time to time. That’s why it’s so important to tell people things like “Great job,” “You’ve got this,” and “I believe in you.”


12 Work out Mentally Each Day

You are not only what you eat. You are also what you consume in your mind. Every book you read, the websites you frequent, the social media accounts you follow, the shows you watch, and the people you communicate with fill your mind with positivity or negativity. Feed your mind and soul well by choosing positive mental food.


13 Take a Thank You Walk

It’s impossible to be grateful and stressed at the same time. Make the time each day to go for a walk. On this walk, think about what you are grateful for. You can even say these things out loud. When you are feeling blessed, you can’t be stressed.


14 Live with Faith, Not Fear

What do fear and faith have in common besides beginning with the letter “F”? They both believe in futures that have not happened yet. Fear believes in a negative future, and faith believes in a positive future. If neither has happened yet, why wouldn’t you choose to believe in a positive future? Choose to believe in a positive future.


15 Have a “Get to” Mindset

Remind yourself each day that you don’t have to do anything; rather, you get to do something. This simple shift in your daily outlook will change your perspective.


16 Help Someone Be Successful

You aren’t a true success unless you help others be successful. And here’s the great thing about helping others improve and grow. When you help others improve, you improve. When you help others grow, you grow.


17 Shout Praise and Whisper Criticism

Let everyone know how great someone is, but quietly criticize someone individually in order to help them get better. This makes you a positive communicator and makes others better.


18 Don’t Be Bitter, Get Better

It’s easy to let past events hold you back and weigh you down with bitterness and anger. Coffee beans don’t let past circumstances make them worse. They focus on getting better and creating a positive future.


19 Be Great Today

Don’t worry about your greatness in the future. Just focus on being your best today. If you do this each day, you will create greatness.


20 Control What You Can Control

There is a lot in life you can’t control. The key is to focus on what you can control: your attitude, effort, and actions.