Summary: Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella
Summary: Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella

Summary: Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella

From this – A computer on every desk and in every home.

To this – Mixed reality, artificial intelligence and quantum computing

The Beginning of the Revolution

Nadella took Microsoft’s rein in Feb 2014 after long-time CEO Steve Ballmer resigned in Aug 2013. Under Nadella’s watch, Microsoft quickly became more open and nimbler as an organization. It’s cloud computing, O365 and gaming platforms are all taking off.

De-ballmering Microsoft

Microsoft pivoted its business model around subscription that produce constant revenue. It acquired Minecraft, LinkedIn and GitHub. It ditched Nokia, embraced Open Source!

Competitor is not the Enemy. For you to be good, competitor needs to be better.

Today Nadella’s top priority is to make sure his billion customers no matter which phone or platform they use, have their needs met so Microsoft continue to grow.

C in the CEO is the Curator of Culture.

When he was named 3rd CEO, he told employees renewing company culture was his top priority. He would ruthlessly remove barriers to innovate so Microsoft can get back to what they all joined the company to do – to make a difference in the world.

Expectations on Microsoft leaders

  1. Bring clarity to those you work with.
  2. Generate energy across the company.
  3. Find a way to deliver results. Make this happen.

Unlearn stuff that needs to be unlearned.

Honor the past, and the past leaders. But do not rely on past solutions and successes. Remember what got you here, won’t always get you there. Hit Refresh!

Feel for others, show empathy and compassion.

Imagine you see a baby lying in the street. Baby is crying. What do you do?

If you say call to 911, you should develop empathy.

If you say, “pick up the baby up and give him a big hug” you speak the language of compassion.

Behind a screen to out in the field.

We needed to build deeper empathy for our customers and their un-articulated and unmet needs. It was time to hit refresh. It’s impossible to be an empathetic leader sitting in an office behind a computer screen all day. An empathetic leader needs to be out in the world, meeting people where they live and seeing how the technology we create affects their daily activities.

Satya Nadella

One brilliant character who does not put the team first can destroy the entire team.

Put your team first, ahead of your personal statistics and recognition.

Friends or Frenemies

Ballmer derisively referred to Apple as the “Fruit Company”. Nadella left the audience shocked when he pulls out an iPhone from his pocket during his keynote speech at Dreamforce. Nadella reinforced Microsoft software on Apple. He has since then formed partnerships with his fiercest rivals – Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon. 

He speaks of the strengths of his competitor with respect and acknowledges the need to find partnerships for stronger market position.