Summary: Growing Influence by Ron Price, Stacy Ennis
Summary: Growing Influence by Ron Price, Stacy Ennis

Summary: Growing Influence by Ron Price, Stacy Ennis

3 Areas of Influence


Areas in which you have 100 percent control over your situation.

Examples: What time you wake up, how you schedule your morning before others arrive in the office etc.

Nobody can stop you from having influence here, yet if you fail, there’s no one to blame but yourself.


Finding others around you who want the same thing you want, then working with them to achieve it.

Examples: Partnering with co-workers to advance a key project, banding together with others to create a ‘virtuous conspiracy’ of doing good things for others.


Areas around you which you cannot directly influence.

Examples: Office conversations about acquisitions, weather, layoffs…

3 Areas are like Balloons, which ever circle you grow, the other shrinks.

3 Dimensions of Leadership


Influence people have because of who they’re.

When you live your values, you’ll naturally attract people who have similar values. Staying connected to our values, treating others with respect, living true to your word, being truly present in conversations, exercising vulnerability.

We follow leaders because there’s something more than just a logical reason to do so. They touch a deeper part of people, at an emotional or spiritual level, and inspire loyalty.


Influence people have because of what they know or have accomplished.

Using your expertise to create real value for others, improving someone else’s life with your experience, continuing to grow in your field.

You can have great character but no company will hire you if you don’t have skills or knowledge. You must accomplish something and solve problems people have.


Influence people have because of their titles.

Following the rules of your position, measuring and advancing the value your team provides to the company, managing relationships with grace and candor.

People follow the position, not the person, when it comes to positional leadership. Positional leadership is always based on external endorsement.

Remember the position is bigger than you. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you’re the position. You’ve been given the opportunity to serve this position.

First step to leadership growth is Self-Awareness

A greater ability to stand back and recognize what’s happening within you and around you.

3 Things Great Leaders Do

  1. Turn problems into opportunities. They know their purpose is in large part of solving problems.
  2. Great leaders inspire people to make commitments they wouldn’t otherwise make.
  3. They transcend self-interest and self-promotion. What captures their attention and passion is bigger than themselves.