Summary: Get Sh*t Done By Jeffrey Gitomer
Summary: Get Sh*t Done By Jeffrey Gitomer

Summary: Get Sh*t Done By Jeffrey Gitomer

This book is about Shit Shifting

  1. Defining what you INTEND to do. Goals don’t matter if intentions are lacking. When you wake up, INTEND to be successful at a level of BEST and you have a chance for getting shit done. Your intentions drive your productivity and accomplishments. If you’re a procrastinator, lazy bastard, or just without personal motivation, THERE’S A REASON. Uncover the real issue behind these symptoms and presto – productivity. Nothing happens without your intention to make it happen.
  2. Self-discovering WHY you are intending to do it. Behind every goal or dream, there’s a WHY. Not a “make more money” why, but “what you will do with the money” WHY. The real why, which may be three or four “why’s” deep, will carry you across EVERY finish line.
  3. Learning to make an Achievement Plan that works. Start small. Achieve something each day for a week. Once you realize it’s working, make plans with specific targets, a start date and a projected end date.


Why can’t people (YOU) get more shit done?

THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN URGENCY AND IMPORTANCE.” Everyone says they have “no time.” That’s baloney – everyone has the same amount of time, it just depends whether they spend it or invest it. If you’re not working on your “A” project or “A” top priority list or preparing something for your “A” customers, you’re pretty much wasting your time.

What most people do with their time is spend it rather than invest it. They (You) can better understand it with the euphemism “piss on fires.” They do what’s urgent at the moment but not what’s important to their job as a person. When you’re doing something important (an “A” project), and something urgent comes up, it takes away from your important time. It is imperative to understand the difference between urgency and importance.

Someone barges into your office, or calls you on the phone, and says, “Hey, we gotta do this right now!” That’s urgent. A customer calls on the phone and we’ve shipped them the wrong order, or it didn’t arrive on time. It’s lost on a truck someplace. It’s backordered and they weren’t expecting it to be backordered. That’s urgent. Most urgent things are preventable – even heart attacks.

Prepare for tomorrow tonight, go to bed earlier, and when you wake up in the morning do some kind of exercise either mental or physical. Your entire world of thought and productivity will change. Make certain that before you go to sleep, your head is “clear to solve” by writing down everything that you need to do and everything you’re thinking about. A to-do list for the next day, and a to-do list for the next month. A project list and an idea page. Just write it all down. When you write it down it’s “off your mind,” and your mind is free to solve. It allows you to wake up with solutions instead of waking up thinking about your problems.


If you do set a “goal” please do it the right way.

Identify it – Write it down clearly. Date it – Put a date (and time limit) to start it and finish it. List the obstacles you will have to overcome to achieve it. List the groups and people to contact who will work with you and help you achieve it. What are the skills and knowledge you need to have to achieve your goal? Make (and write down) an action plan. List the benefits of achievement. What’s in it for me after I achieve this goal? What’s my incentive? What’s the outcome?


This is the Get Shit Done 100-Year-Old Secret Formula

A Napoleon Hill formula from his book Truthful Living, that will help you produce more and earn more. It’s called the FIVE POINT rule… Napoleon Hill says, Go wherever you will, follow whatever vocation you choose, but in the final end, when the LAW OF COMPENSATION gets in its work, you will find that you will “reap that which you sow.”

Success may be had by those who are willing to pay the price. And most of those who crave a $10,000-a-year position (that was the 1917 pay rate of success – in today’s market it translates to $250,000) – especially if they are engaged in business – may realize it if they will pay the price.

And the price is eternal vigilance in the development of: Self-confidence. Enthusiasm. Working with a Chief Aim. Performing more Service than you are paid for. Concentration. With these qualities well developed, you will be sure to succeed.  Let’s name these qualities the “FIVE-POINT RULE.”

The reason this rule remains a secret is that ALL FIVE POINTS MUST BE EMPLOYED ALL THE TIME and then MASTERED. Only performing 3 or 4 will not (ever) gain you the success you’re hoping for, because you are not really willing to work hard enough for it.


Now, Use Your Personal Getting Shit Done Power

  1. The power of a positive attitude. Attitude is a HUGE part of your life and requires a positive attitude as fundamental and foundational to success.

2.The power of daily attitude actions. These are actions that you take both in your favor and in the favor of others. They’re not just positive; they’re powerful. Attitude actions create productivity actions.

  1. The power of belief. Belief in who you work for, what you’re doing, your ability to differentiate yourself from your co-workers and your competitor, and belief in yourself create the four cornerstones that enable your belief to be transferred to others.
  2. The power of self-confidence. The power of self-confidence comes from thinking about past wins, and thinking about past accomplishments. Those thoughts become your inner confidence builder and manifest themselves in the self-confident appearance.
  3. The power of thinking YES! The difference between thinking you can and thinking you cannot, will determine outcome and fate. KEY: Think yes to get yes.
  4. The power of keeping conversational control. Most people have very little idea about what it takes to keep control of a conversation. The answer is in one word: ASK. When you ask, you’re in control of the conversation. When someone asks you, you have given up control. Control keeps you on the path to getting what you want or need. Want more control? Easy! Ask more questions.
  5. The power of preparation. Most people make the fatal mistake of only preparing in terms of themselves, when in fact, the other person only cares about him or herself. They want ideas, value, and answers – not your canned rhetoric or slide show. They want to know how THEY win. Why not spend twice as much time preparing in terms of the other person? UNBREAKABLE RULE OF SUCCESS: Preparation determines outcome.