Summary: Fears to Fierce By Brita Fernandez Schmid
Summary: Fears to Fierce By Brita Fernandez Schmid

Summary: Fears to Fierce By Brita Fernandez Schmid

INSPIRATION – Ignite your fierce

We can all inspire.

We fuel our fierce by inspiration.

We will all be fulfilled and happier if we allow ourselves to be inspired.

Being inspired allows us to connect as human beings.

Inspiration is the catalyst for transformation.

Inspiration is key for humanity.


PURPOSE – Express your fierce

We all have our own unique purpose.

Having a purpose means that your decisions and actions become part of a bigger picture.

Your purpose gives your life and actions meaning and clarity.

Your purpose is a commitment to your self-leadership.

Your purpose validates you and your fierce.

Your purpose acknowledges life-changing moments that have made you who you are.

You can change and adjust your purpose as you transform.

Your purpose is yours alone; no one gets to judge it.


POWER – You are the hero of your story

Think of empowerment as ‘in-powerment’; a process by which you own the power within you.

As you lead yourself, you inspire those around you to lead themselves. We are all leaders.

Self-leadership means taking responsibility for ourselves.

Self-leadership is the trigger for wider societal changes.

Trust, strength, love and care are the key pillars for your self-leadership.


TRUST – You are enough, so trust yourself unconditionally

Trusting yourself is transforming from within.

We are enough as we are right now.

When we redefine our value system, we get to determine our worth.

When we examine the beliefs we hold about ourselves, we can let those that are limiting us go.

When we know our values, we feel confident in standing up for ourselves and reclaiming our agency.

In order to nurture trust, we need to understand our ego.


STRENGTH – You are stronger than you think

The fear that we might not be strong enough is holding us back.

You can fail and not die.

‘Failure’ shows us that we are stronger than we think.

You are strong enough not to be liked, needed or in control.

Feeling pain allows us to discover our strength.

Vulnerability is strength.


LOVE – Choose love every day

Love is a powerful force and can conquer fear and pain.

Love is fearless, non-judgemental, present, universal and infinite.

Love is the beating heart of our fears to fierce journey and nurtures our fierce.

Love allows us to release our attachment to anger, resentment and hate.

The love you give to yourself is the love you give to others and vice versa.

You can choose love, even in the most unlikely situations.


CARE – Be your own life vest

You cannot care for others if you don’t care for yourself.

Caring for yourself means investing in your most precious asset.

You can create your own boundaries and look after yourself.

Trying something new is a powerful care commitment.

A care toolkit is a great resource: try meditating, writing, running – whatever works for you.

Not using your care commitments as a stick to beat yourself with needs to be your top care promise.

Care for yourself when with people and in situations that bring your energy down.


IMPACT – You matter

We all have impact.

We grow our impact as we become more aware of it.

We direct our impact by setting intentions.

We get to decide what we want our impact to be.

Power in itself is neither good nor bad. It is what you do with it that matters.

Authenticity is owning your power and feeling comfortable with it.


CHANGE – Together we embrace our shared humanity

We are all activists: once we practise taking action that changes our own lives, it’s easier to believe we can also create wider change.

Feel empathy, and then act on it.

Trust your fierce; it’s only fear that stops us from helping others.

When we help others, we feel a sense of connectedness, sisterhood and shared humanity. Allowing ourselves to see our reflections in the other, we understand that we are all one and then there is no room for fear.

Together we are stronger.

Hope is trusting that your actions will make a difference with no guarantees, and it is our communal engine for change.


KNOW – You are fierce

KNOWING our impact, our POWER, changes everything. It brings us clarity and peace, because we no longer question ourselves

While this book ends here, the fears to fierce journey does not. This isn’t a process that has a full stop to it; it is cyclical

Each time, we grow from within, and the ripples of our impact spread further than we could ever imagine.

On your fears to fierce journey, you’ll have knowing moments of pure understanding, insight and magic, where it’ll feel like your fierce is on fire. Look for those glimpses and recognise them as signs of our human interconnectedness.

When we are inspired and we lead ourselves, we inspire others to do the same. That is the greatest impact we can ever have. That is why we choose fierce.


Actions – Commit

Break it down: don’t get overwhelmed at the size of your vision, take one mini step at a time. Remember Lauri and the cookbook.

Set intentions: how do you want to feel, and how do you want others to feel?

Visualise the outcome: the clearer it is in your mind, the easier it will be for you to take action.

Let go of perfection: it’s just another stick we use to beat ourselves with. Aim for good enough instead.

Find someone to hold you accountable: you’ll be far more likely to take action if someone else is expecting something of you. And ask for help when you need it!

Remember your mantra: fears to fierce.