Summary: Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing By Ailsa Frank
Summary: Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing By Ailsa Frank

Summary: Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing By Ailsa Frank

Get into the AMAZING zone

Add the word AMAZING to your everyday vocabulary.

Write the word AMAZING in your everyday life.

Use the pebbles-in-the-pond technique: imagine the pebbles represent any negatives in your mind, then throw them into the garden pond and let them dissolve.

Feel optimistic about things working out AMAZINGLY well.

Say ‘AMAZING. It’s AMAZING. It’s working out AMAZINGLY well. It has worked out AMAZINGLY well.’

Use the stepping-stone technique: imagine your life is a series of stepping stones that are the solid ground of the past behind you and the future ahead.

Speak positively to yourself.

The sooner you start focusing on the life you want, the sooner you will be living that life.

Use the AMAZING day technique: SMILE as you fall asleep at bedtime and imagine each day is AMAZING.

You might be very good in some areas of your life but not in others. Cutting the negative and getting into the AMAZING zone will help you to change this.

Let life be an AMAZING adventure.

Take a snapshot in your mind of AMAZING moments happening in your life.

Bank good experiences into your AMAZING zone.

Don’t buy into negative dramas. Instead, say ‘Cut the crap and feel AMAZING.’



Strengthen the AMAZING zone with a SMILE.

Do something every week that really makes you SMILE.

Be kind to yourself and other people.

Let your uniqueness shine.


Cut the crap and let go of worries

It is not what is happening but how you respond to it that is important.

Use the climbing-out-of-a-hole technique: visualize yourself climbing into the light.

Use the photo album technique: imagine the past stored in photo albums.

You can’t change the past, but you can change the way you feel about the past.

Soften your reaction to the past and to the future by SMILING and accepting.


Choices and decisions

Regular small changes will help you make bigger changes.

Be creative about how you live your life.

Make choices and decisions when you feel balanced and in a good frame of mind.

AMAZING choices and decisions will create AMAZING outcomes.

Make your life interesting and varied.

Every choice and decision made by you or by other people has got you to where you are. You can now take control by making better choices and decisions that will get you to where you want to go.


I can do it

‘I can do it. I am doing it. It is done.’

Don’t just see things as being either black or white. Remember that the grey area has all the solutions. There are many ways of doing things or resolving things. So look for answers.

Give things a try. You don’t need to be 100% ready – 90% is good enough.

Use the teacher technique: tell yourself you will do it and listen to yourself as you would listen to a teacher.

Use the feeling satisfied technique: feel the feeling of being satisfied and relieved that the things you want to achieve are already done before you begin them.

Each stage of your life is a phase. Enjoy every phase by relaxing into everyday life.

Use the kick boxer technique: stand up and do the actions of a kick boxer as you speak out loud what you want to achieve. Say, ‘I can do it. I am doing it. It is done.’


Money and wealth

Talk positively to yourself about money.

Plan your financial future.

Say ‘AMAZING money’ and SMILE.

Use the dough technique: imagine working through your finances just as you would knead a ball of dough. Allow your finances to mature in the same way as a baker makes a loaf of bread.

Love your finances as much as you love being snuggled up in a cosy bed.



Use the relaxation technique: let the problems pass. Say, ‘It’s all fine. It’s all resolving.’

Use the watching technique: enjoy watching people tell you about the things they are interested in.

Have a meeting to discuss issues calmly.

Be romantic with your partner.

Get to know what your partner likes.

Praise people – everyone likes to feels special.


Stress, rest and relaxation

Choose to live your life calmly.

Make a list of ways in which you can improve your week.

Create a daily relaxation routine.

Allow your mind to offload your day before you go to sleep.

Keep a pen beside your bed and write down things that you need to do tomorrow.

Enjoy just being in your body.



Have colourful napkins every day to remind you to enjoy the moment.

Use the wave technique: flow with your health like the waves flow in and out from the shore.

Remember the percentage rule: all the small things that help will add up to you getting better.

Keep focused to get the correct diagnosis and treatments.

Use the music control-settings technique: adjust the settings so you feel good about your health becoming harmonious.

Make yourself as calm and comfortable as you can be to help your health.

Adjust your lifestyle to support good health.


Addictions and obsessions

Visualize yourself living your life without the addiction.

Say, ‘I can be in control. I am in control. I make healthy choices.’

Use the red triangle technique: put the addiction into a red triangle in your mind and shrink it down until it is like a speck of dust.

Talk to a photo of yourself. Say, ‘You can turn this into a positive. You can work through this. You can get over this.’

Move freely to positive new music that makes your soul sing.


Finding love

Be whole and balanced so that you meet someone who is whole and balanced too.

Use the shelve-it technique: if you can’t make a decision, put the problem on a shelf in your mind.

Give relationships a chance by getting to know people.

Teach each other to know what you both like.

Think of dating as doing a property search. You will find the right one in the end if you are open to what is realistic for you.

Find a partner who is like a comfy pair of shoes that fit really well.

Don’t speak negatively about a date to friends. Focus on the positives.



Be interested in your children, but also let them be independent.

Explain why we do things.

Be reasonable.

Don’t rescue your children every time they fall down. If you do, they will always expect to be picked up.

‘Snapshot’ happy moments in your mind when you are enjoying your children to build your AMAZING zone bank.

Use the red triangle technique: visualize a red triangle and put your worries into it. Then shrink it down as you let go and the stresses dissolve.

Visualize your children grown up and having positive relationships with them.

Let being a parent be a positive adventure.

Say, ‘It’s all working out AMAZINGLY well.’

Use the wiggly string technique: visualize a wiggly string leading you to everything you need in order to have a smooth parenting experience.

Use the kite technique: visualize you and your children flying kites. See them as capable and in charge of their own kites. See you all working well as a team, navigating around each other’s kites, and feel relaxed.


Cut the excuses and feel at home in your life

Spend time with people who are good for you.

Have quality time with your family.

Have quality time with yourself.

Have quality rest and relaxation.

Enjoy the skills you have at work.

Build upon your skills.

Be clever with your money.

Be kind and treat other people well.

Respect yourself and your body.

Respect women, men, children, animals and the environment you are in.

Support charities you believe in.

Use the autumn leaves technique: let the leaves blow into the distance as excuses dissolve. Allow the new spring buds to grow. Allow your ideas to flourish.

Use the heart-shaped cupboard technique: de-clutter the heart cupboard to allow the warmhearted, homely feelings to flourish in your life.