Summary: Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerhcuk
Summary: Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerhcuk

Summary: Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerhcuk

7 Essentials to a Personal Brand

  1. Intent – people can sense if you use them merely for personal gains.
  2. Authenticity – be transparent. You don’t have to teach guitar. You can just learn it with them.
  3. Passion – who would you rather hear talk? An optimist or a complainer?
  4. Patience – slowly grind your way to top of the mountain. Good things take time.
  5. Speed – what are the latest trends? Any new platforms you should be on? Don’t waste time.
  6. Work – don’t our source yourself when you’re the brand. Pour in the hard work.
  7. Attention – keep your eyes open for market shifts

The 8th Essential, Content

Keep producing high quality content, with high consistency. Things such as design, camera angle, lighting, movements are all secondary. Authenticity is primary.

Why people hung up on personal brand?

They freeze. “What do I talk about? I don’t have anything to say!” But it’s not. Social media platforms are always meant to just live your life, but do it online.

Document. Don’t create.

Instead of handcrafting each post, start by documenting what you do anyway. Record yourself practicing soccer tricks, tweet your thoughts about a book, or post old family photos.

The Big 6: Social Platforms

  • Snapchat offers unpolished reality and a real test of your branding abilities.
    • With no hashtags, no sharing, no discoverability, to go big on Snapchat, you have to offer value.
  • Twitter is a great place to get noticed with a niche.
    • No once posts 50 times a day on Instagram. But tweeting 50 times is totally fine.
  • YouTube is the best in the class for monetizing.
    • Simply do it. You’ll suck at it first. Everyone does. But you will get better with time.
  • Facebook still combines clever distribution and with unparalleled targeting and versatility.
  • Instagram is more important than ever, with a mix of beauty and discoverability.
  • Hottest trend right now is Podcasts, with the ability to multitask.