Summary: Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis
Summary: Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis

Summary: Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis

Make it till you make it without fear.

Over time, action by action, the volume of voices in your head will go down. These might sound like the voices of unsupportive parents, critical teachers, cruel peers you encountered along the way. But these people are not in the room with you right now. What you’re really hearing is fear rehearsing scripts written in your brain.

Your work doesn’t have to be Prefect to be Accepted.

Underneath your endless chase of perfection is usually a fear of sharing your word. Sometimes though, it’s less about perfectionism and more about an urge to tinker.


Chase’s Formula to creativity – DEAR





Take risks to keep growing.

You can’t stand out and fit in at the same time. If you don’t make anything or share anything out of the fear of people rejecting you, you will start hiding.

Good VCs understand risks. Most start-ups will fail but those that succeed will more than make up for those failed.

You can take as many risks as you want with your life camera, unlimited exposures.

There’s no reason to hide. Be bold. Take smart risks. Embrace failure. Learn from it and move on.

Be better AND different.

Steve Jobs was a very difficult person to work for and with. Simply doing better than the last time was never going to be enough for him. It has to be different.

Volume is the name of the game.

When it comes down to creativity, volume of work is the most important thing to close the creative gap.

Don’t fall into Planning Paralysis

Planning is a trap. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead of plotting a perfect novel before you start writing, accept it will take a few shitty drafts and just start writing.

Don’t fear someone has your idea.

Share your ideas without being afraid. You need their feedback and support. Putting a NDA in place on the low-level project is like requesting a DNA test before you go on a date.

Simply doing the work isn’t enough. Share your work.

Sharing and promoting your work aren’t simply marketing. These are profoundly nourishing and necessary function for your creativity to thrive. They’re a way of showing yourself that you value your own work. It’s not dirty nor selfish to invite others to share your work when you’re truly proud of it.

Be soft and vulnerable in creating. Be bold and ferocious in sharing.

Create – Share – Promote – Cultivate – Create again.

You’ll always find something to do better next time.

That feeling never goes away. And that’s a sign you’re growing as a creator. That does not mean in any way your work sucks.

Negativity is destructive.

Our mind is wired to emphasize negativity. Since our ancestors, our brain evolved to prioritize the sight of a predator over the aesthetic perfection of the sunset framing that predator. By default, we watch our predator and miss the sunset literally.

Negative thinking raises blood pressure, suppresses your immune system and leads to hosts of other health problems. It even impairs your cognitive ability and memory. Worst of all, negativity becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.