Summary: Coffee Self-Talk By Kristen Helmstetter
Summary: Coffee Self-Talk By Kristen Helmstetter

Summary: Coffee Self-Talk By Kristen Helmstetter

How to Do Coffee Self-Talk

The steps are easy:

Make yourself a cup of coffee every day (or tea, or water… whatever is your thing).

While you sit down to drink it, spend the time savoring the coffee—really taste it—while filling your brain with powerful affirmations (words you say to yourself) at the same time.

For greater results, speak them out loud.

And that’s it


Why Coffee?

Traditional self-talk instructions make no mention of sipping delicious, hot, caffeinated beverages. (Or, again, whatever your beverage of choice is. From here on, every time I say coffee, just replace it with your preferred drink.)

Anchoring the process to your morning coffee has the following benefits:

  1. Ritualization

When you ritualize a behavior, you give it special meaning. This meaning gives it more importance, which makes you take it more seriously. The more ceremonial, the better. And because rituals are repeated, they become partly automated, which is the key to establishing something as habit.

  1. Consistency

It’s not like you’re ever going to forget your morning coffee. Ninety percent of success in life is just sticking with something long enough for it to work. Whether it’s exercise, a diet, a financial plan, or career advancement, persistence is the name of the game. When you link self-talk to a part of your daily routine that you’re very unlikely to skip, then just imagine the long-term, compounding benefits to your well-being and success.

  1. Multi-Sensory Modalities

Linking your ritualized self-talk to the act of drinking coffee will connect the words you say to the sensory and physiological experience of drinking a warm, delicious beverage. If your beverage of choice has caffeine, then you get the added benefit of ingesting a nootropic stimulant as you say your affirmations. This means the brain pays more attention to what you’re saying. Not to mention, all future coffee becomes an instant “state dependent” trigger of your most empowered, resourceful mental state, just like how Pavlov’s dogs slobbered whenever he rang the dinner bell.

  1. Joy

Because, let’s face it, coffee is delicious.


Why Will You Start to Love Your Life by Doing Coffee Self-Talk?

Because when you change your thoughts, you change your brain, you change your focus, and you change your reality. With new positive thoughts, you have new choices, and these choices give you new behaviors. Once your behaviors change for the better, you have new experiences and new feelings. Bam!… welcome to a whole new you!

magical elixir giving you the superpower of total self-belief! I know… it sounds a little silly, but bear with me. It only sounds silly because coffee doesn’t actually do that by itself. But self-talk does!

When you combine the two, you link them together in your brain. By drinking coffee while you do your self-talk, and repeating this ritual every day, you anchor the benefits of self-talk to the experience of drinking coffee.


Coffee Self-Talk at Its Most Basic Level

Get pen and paper, a journal, your computer, or your smart phone with an app like Evernote or Notes.

Write 15–20 great things about yourself. Use first person and present tense.

Wake up, get your delicious cup of coffee, and sip it while reading your self-talk, over and over. Rinse and repeat, until you’ve finished drinking your coffee. Reading out loud is best, if possible, even if you’re whispering it. Do this every morning with your coffee, making it your Coffee Self-Talk.

Enjoy the awesome day YOU just created.


Coffee Self-Talk “Habit Stacking”

The great thing is, you have time for this program. You’re already drinking a cup of coffee. Now you’re being smarter with your time and giving it more purpose. Intentionality. Instead of wasting time checking social media or skimming email, do something guaranteed to increase your happiness and personal effectiveness in just a few minutes.

Doing the old stuff, like social media, reinforces the old you. We’re interested in transformation. Because we want to live epic lives of abundance and happiness, we’re learning new habits, like Coffee Self-Talk, for our new selves. So instead of doing things first thing in the morning that fall under the label of consumption, level-up by immediately stepping into your own power with positive self-talk. Become a creator with your self-talk first thing in the morning, and watch how fast your life changes.

It’s important to understand a thing or two about making habits stick. To start, when you want to form a new habit, it helps if you believe it’s a desirable habit, and that you feel good about it. Not just because other people say the habit is good, but because you believe it yourself. Giving it a positive meaning, and knowing it benefits you, aligns your will with your purpose. When this happens, resistance evaporates, quickening the process to reach your success.