Summary: Champion! By Alon Ulman
Summary: Champion! By Alon Ulman

Summary: Champion! By Alon Ulman

Code 1 Trust the Process

The idea behind the codes is for you to live a happy life in which you fulfill your goals, not only one time, but all the time, as a way of life. Have you ever noticed that some people seem to succeed all the time and make it look easy? This doesn’t actually mean there’s no effort behind their achievement. It means they have learned how to apply themselves every time.

We want you to look back and see how far you have come—and it will seem as if it wasn’t as hard as you thought it was going to be. Other people might even think you made that look easy and effortless. However, practically speaking, of course, a lot of work has been put into achieving those results along the way. In a test, those who study, practice and persevere will end up getting a better grade. In sports, an athlete who trains and lives a healthy lifestyle will achieve better results on the field.

Those who invest in different areas of life will eventually succeed, because hard work and effort always come before results.


Code 2 Think Like a Champion

Champions ask themselves, “What will be considered a success?” It’s very important in the beginning to define the desired goal you want to achieve at the end. It’s never too early to think about what result you want to see in the future. Then go back to your thoughts and decide what actions you can perform today. These actions will help you advance and reach your goal in the future.

When you find yourself in a situation where you act without thinking, you’re unable to stop in that moment between emotions and actions— and that means you’re no longer the one holding the pen. You’re not the one writing your script! This means you’re practically (whether you want to admit it or not) handing over the control of your life and the writing of your script, to another person. Can you be sure that that person has your best interests at heart and they’re not acting out of their own personal interest? Of course not. Only you can write the best script for your life.


Code 3 You Have to Climb a Lot of Stairs on the Way to Success

Failure means getting an undesired result. That’s all. We want you to realize that it’s really okay and part of the path to the next level. On the road to success it’s natural and normal that some things won’t work out, and letting that stop you is a mistake! If you don’t try, you can’t learn. The idea of Failing Forward is vital because it’s an idea built on the basic understanding that stumbling blocks aren’t the opposite of success, but rather a part of it.

Everyone experiences obstacles. It’s impossible to always skip from one success to the other without having to pick yourself up occasionally when things don’t work out. A champion accepts each of these moments as a lesson for next time. Each one is an opportunity to explore, learn, understand what went wrong, what not to do and how to improve for next time. These are the most important lessons in life.


Code 4 Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Remember the Disney Pixar movie Inside Out? The main character was a girl named Riley, and inside her head were characters who represented different emotions: joy, fear, anger, sadness, and disgust. Inside her head was also a control panel that made her feel different emotions. At the end of the movie, Riley learns that she controls what goes on in her head and her own actions. So, we know that it’s really all in your head.

If you want to have beautiful and delicious apples grow on the tree, where should you water them? Is it at the top of the tree where the apples grow? You probably already know that’s wrong. We need to water the roots so the water nourishes the entire tree—only then will apples grow. And if you were to pick one apple from the tree, or all the apples, would the tree die? No, of course not. The tree will be able to grow new apples. It’s only when the roots are damaged that the tree will die.

People usually invest most of their time and work in the external, physical world, where they can use the five senses. They ignore or forget about their inner worlds and that’s a big mistake. The fruit is the end result of a great investment, they don’t realize that under the surface, the roots of the tree need to be strong for the tree to be stable and withstand storms.


Code 5 Make Your Dreams Come True

In the story, Alice is in Wonderland, and she finds herself at a crossroads where her path splits in two. Alice meets the Cheshire Cat and asks him which path she should take. The cat asks her where she wants to get to and Alice replies that she doesn’t care. Then the cat tells her, if she doesn’t care then it doesn’t matter which path she chooses. Then Alice explains, she doesn’t mind as long as she gets somewhere. Then the cat tells her she’ll get somewhere if she walks long enough.

The message here is about the importance of setting goals and targets. If you don’t have goals and targets for your life, and don’t know where you want to go, or care what happens to you—then why should anyone else? People spend their free time on lots of things but rarely on planning for their future, when the biggest time waster is lack of direction.


Code 6 Find Your Tribe

Getting to know yourself and knowing more about yourself isn’t just the most interesting thing, it’s also the most important thing. There are a lot of people who don’t really know themselves, or know how to take care of themselves. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship in the world because it’s one that is irreplaceable.

We want you to get to know yourself better so you can work on the project that is most important: your life! On the way to your “Greatest You” there will, of course, be problems, failures, fears and challenges. However, if you remember, the reason you want to achieve your goal, you can overcome any difficulty and this “why” will keep you strong all the way through any struggles you encounter.

Members of a team support each other, are happy for each other and want everyone to succeed. Your success should never come at the expense of someone else’s success. You progress at your own pace without comparing yourself to anyone else, which means doing things for personal achievement and not for competition.


Code 7 Face Your Fears

Fear reaches us on the border between known/new goals and peak goals. Known goals are the ones you’ve already achieved and new goals are things you think you can achieve. In these two types of goals, you’re not afraid because you’ve already achieved them or think they’re possible. Peak goals, are a different story because fear can take over before you accomplish your dream.

Everyone is scared, but champions take action and advance despite their fear, while others remain paralyzed and stay put. Champions don’t see non-action as an option and that’s why they succeed. There are two types of fear: real fear and imaginary fear. How they make you feel is really similar, but it’s very important that you know the difference between them. Seeing what is real fear, versus what is imaginary fear, is a great way to overcome this feeling.

Every time you feel even just a little bit of fear, ask yourself if the fear you’re starting to feel is a real fear. Are you truly in real danger? Or is it just the thought of something that might happen? If the answer is no, throw those thoughts out of your head and tell yourself that it’s just an imaginary fear, so it isn’t worth thinking about!

Ask yourself, “Does it advance me to be afraid of something that’s just an imaginary fear? Will it help me achieve what I want?”. Obviously not: imaginary fear won’t advance you, it’ll only make you achieve less in life.