Summary: Big Thing Have Small Beginnings by Wes Berry
Summary: Big Thing Have Small Beginnings by Wes Berry

Summary: Big Thing Have Small Beginnings by Wes Berry

Wes Berry tuned his family’s 60k florist shop into a $6m floral, gifts, and plants international business, Berry sold the company to follow other passions and enjoy other endeavors.

Berry is the living proof of that very truth; big things have small beginnings.

Success people spend a lot more time and energy on small things that unsuccessful people often seem to neglect. When you take care of the little things, the big thing has a real nice way of taking care of itself.

When things get tough, it’s your Ambition, your Why that keeps you going.

It’s your Why that will justify risk.

It’s your Why that will sit you down with your best people to relentlessly brainstorm to move one step forward.

Ambitious people become dangerous if their ambitions are ‘checked’, not the other way around that means when they’re left to roam free. So, if you consider yourself ambitious, just let yourself go without forgetting your Why as a guiding principle.

A great teacher has always been measured by the number of his students who’ve surpassed him.

You’re a bus driver. Your company, the bus, is a standstill and it’s your job to get going. You decide where you’re going, how you’re going to get there and who’s going with you.

Know your destination beforehand. Divide it into many milestones. Put dates. Predict bumps on the road. No destination is too far if you know where it is and how to get there.

A Message to Garcia

A message to Garcia is the partly fictional story of American army officer Andrew Rowan, who was tasked with carrying a message from President William to Cuban insurgent’s leader, General Garcia.

Rowan took the letter. He did not ask Where is he at? Why he’s doing it?

Find a few Rowans, manage them well and keep each one of them long enough under your wings.

To find a Rowan, consider looking for four traits.

  1. Focus.
  2. Preservice.
  3. Research-oriented mind.
  4. Submissive to orders.

Find him. Mentor him so he doesn’t burn-out.