Summary: Big Money Energy by Ryan Serhant
Summary: Big Money Energy by Ryan Serhant

Summary: Big Money Energy by Ryan Serhant

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Introduction: What Is Big Money Energy?

Big Money Energy is the vibe you get from someone who is massively succeeding at life in every direction. You know this person. You notice him or her instantly when they walk by in the office, because their confidence is glowing like a halo, but humbly. Or you see this person at a party and her energy is so big that she effortlessly stands out in the crowd.

A person with Big Money Energy is the ultimate picture of self-confidence. There’s no bravado—no bragging—they know they have BME and so does everyone else. It’s completely obvious. People who possess Big Money Energy get that way because they are 100% committed to making their vision for themselves a reality, and their vision is BIG.



There’s no way you’re going to accept an average, run-of-the-mill kind of life. You don’t have to. You want massive success. Your vision for your life is huge. You’re going to crush your goals and take everything you do to extraordinary new heights. Bigger isn’t just better, it’s everything.

MANTRA #1 You can’t commit to GOING BIGGER if there’s even a small part of you that just doesn’t believe it’s possible.

This mantra will help you shed any doubt (no matter how microscopic it might be!) that you are capable of achieving success on the highest levels. YOU have what it takes.


STEP ONE: Get Over Yourself

  • Stop playing the blame game.
  • Manage your work PTSD.
  • Don’t let your flaws hold you hostage.

STEP TWO: Flip the Script

  • If things aren’t going in the direction you’d like them to go, take control. You have the power to alter the outcome of a situation.
  • Do not leave things up to chance. Take concrete steps to show people the bigger, future you TODAY.
  • Master the power of perception. Life will throw you crazy challenges and you have to hold on to the perception that you’re strong, confident, and in control.

STEP THREE: Master the Three Points of Persuasion

  • Let it sink in. Give the person time to absorb what you’re saying.
  • Solve a problem. Present someone with a solution to a problem to get their attention.
  • There is no room for no. Avoid yes-or-no questions. Give choices instead.

STEP FOUR: Be a Wolf, Not a Puppy

  • The world wants to work with pros, not amateurs.
  • BUILD something, anything.




Money might not be everything, but you know it plays a major role in your life. Being alive can be expensive. On the most basic level, money represents survival and freedom, but you don’t want to live a basic life. You work hard and crave a great life and all the accoutrements that come along with it. For you, more money means that you get to be free to live your life however you want. 

MANTRA #2 Earning millions of dollars starts with a simple but powerful belief—that there’s no limit to how much money you can actually make.

There’s not! Sometimes, the biggest obstacles between you and a massive paycheck are the negative thoughts that have set up camp in your brain. Kick those thoughts out forever by reminding yourself that you CAN MAKE MILLIONS.


Acknowledge people. Something as simple as a compliment on their shoes works EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Ask a question. The question should be something that allows you to learn something about the other person. It could be anything from if they live in the neighborhood or where they work, to if they like dogs.

Commit an interesting fact to memory. Be curious; focus on what’s different about the person you are talking to, and remember it so you can refer to that fact later.

Get the deal done as quickly as possible—and get out. The best course of action is to get yourself away from the bullshitter as quickly as possible so you can cash that check.

Establish boundaries. Tell the bullshitter what is acceptable, and let them know what actions you are taking. If they know how hard you’re working on their behalf they’ll be more likely to stay within the boundaries you’ve established.

Dress for the right audience. Who exactly do you need to influence or impress? What are the expectations?

Practice FIT, CLEAN, SHINED. Your clothes should fit you impeccably and be perfectly cared for, and your shoes should shine like the star you are.

Have a confidence costume. While you’re creating your look, have at least one outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks every time you put it on.

Recognize the Signs: reluctance, reaction, and retraction. If someone doesn’t want to let go, is having insane reactions to normal requests, and is threatening to kill a deal over nonsense, you have to take control or you’ll lose your deal.

Utilize the Three Cs: calm, control, and conviction. Calm responses are powerful—do not get upset!

Know your minute killers: Be self-aware about where your time gets wasted.

  • The Perfection Trap. TAG yourself out: Trust you know what you’re doing. Ask for help from someone who excels in this area.
  • The Red Zone. You can’t Control everything; stay focused on what you can control. Perspective—change it. Expect problems as part of a successful career so you don’t freak out every time something goes wrong.
  • Task Overload. Manage your emails. Perform task triage. Audit your time; what are you really doing all day long?

Don’t mirror your client’s emotions.

  • Never be defensive. Always see their side. You are a team!
  • Be patient but persistent. No one wants to hear their ideas aren’t great. Persist in showing them the right path, and provide examples of what could happen if their course of action is followed.
  • Focus on the Win. Show them the positives that will result from following your advice.
  • Assess your risk. What’s the worst-case scenario if you take a big risk? Be honest with yourself! What is the plan? Can you reasonably execute this? Is there another option? If there is, take it! Don’t do crazy for the sake of crazy. Be crazy with purpose!



There’s something extraordinary about you, and people know it. It’s clear that you’re powerful, but it’s balanced out by your warmth and friendliness, and everyone around you wants to soak up some of your light. You are fascinating yet approachable, fiercely intelligent but easy to talk to. Your energy is so bright and infectious that people are lining up to meet you. You are the picture of Big Money Energy. 

MANTRA #3 You must exude positivity to succeed. You badly want your dreams to come true and that’s why you can’t let negativity weigh you down.


STEP ONE: The Positive/Negative Challenge

Take a few minutes to jot down positive and negative experiences throughout the day to train your brain to operate on the bright side. Spoiler alert—the positive side should be longer!

STEP TWO: Structure, Plan, Outlast

  • Create a superstructure to protect your success.
  • Build your road map to future opportunities.
  • Maintain momentum to beat your competition.

STEP THREE: Schedule Growth Time

Get out of your bubble to meet different people and learn new things.

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