Summary: Be the Love By Sarah Prout
Summary: Be the Love By Sarah Prout

Summary: Be the Love By Sarah Prout

Believe In Your Own Magic

Close your eyes, breathe in deeply, exhale, and then say this affirmation: I am worthy.

You might feel a little silly doing this at first. You might also notice resistance and doubt rush to the forefront of your mind, but the key point is to stick with it and witness how you feel in your heart. Over time, you will experience benefits such as boosted confidence and inner balance. Affirmations are one of the most powerful ways for you to believe in your own magic and manage feelings of self-worth.

FEEL: What are three things that you love and appreciate about yourself? What are three things that you love and appreciate about someone else? What are four feelings that you have experienced in the last seven days and why?

HEAL: What are the ways in your life that you’ve had to be brave? What were some defining moments that required inner strength? How have you blamed others for how you feel?

REVEAL: Where do you see yourself in ten years? How will embracing your own magic change and transform your life? What change would you like to see in society or the world in the next ten years?


You Are the Oracle

Close your eyes, breathe in deeply, exhale, and then say this affirmation: I am intuitive.

Everyone has intuitive powers. Whether they show up for you as a gut feeling or a little whisper, it’s helpful to pay attention to the signs and messages we are being sent so that we can work with that information to create a more inspired path for ourselves.

Intuition is the ability to decipher energetic information, but many people haven’t yet learned how because of the sheer volume of it presented to them on a daily basis. There is a slow and steady infusion of fear into society that has gradually disconnected many of us from our natural and innate levels of intuition.

Ongoing exposure to fear can dull our sparkle just a little more each and every day, and we don’t remember our capacity to rise above it. Many people don’t even realize that it’s happening. Our intuitive superpowers can become dull like a blunt ax or washed out like a faded old T-shirt.

The author is defining infusion of fear here as a repeated, internalized emotional response to information placed into social media platforms, media outlets, ads, and news agencies that more often than not seeds the energy of concern. Simply put, the more you spend time worrying about the future, or being targeted to not feel very good about yourself, the more you distance yourself from your intuitive gifts.

FEEL: What are specific ways that your body communicates insight and wisdom to you and through you? Do you feel it in your heart, your gut, or your bones? What excites you the most about embracing your natural gifts of intuition?

HEAL: How can you begin to nurture a better relationship with your intuition? What are some ways that you have been accurate with your hunches and gut instincts over the years?

REVEAL: What are signs and symbols that you would feel are messages directly for you from your higher self and the Universe? Have you ever manifested something that you knew was going to happen?


You Are Not Broken

Close your eyes, breathe in deeply, exhale, and then say this affirmation: I am whole.

The most exquisite lotus flower can grow in the muddiest of puddles, and you can always make lemonade when life gives you lemons. This reminds us of the opportunity in pain, suffering, inconvenience, or sadness to rise up and believe beyond what we can see. Something beautiful is usually on its way—connection, awareness, consciousness, and wholeness.

So whatever you’re currently going through right now—whether you are facing illness, you can’t pay your bills, something you love is lost, or you are experiencing trauma from your past that is hurting your heart, please remember: you are not broken. The more you embrace remembering that you will be okay, the higher you rise and the faster you heal. You are not broken. It may feel that way, but it’s about trusting that your sense of self goes through cycles just as the seasons change from winter to spring. Your pain always has the option to turn into power.

FEEL: What are things, people, places, and experiences that make you feel whole, cherished, and valued? Have you ever felt broken before, and if so, why and how?

HEAL: What are specific ways that you could choose to consciously accept your reality exactly the way it is right now? What are some thoughts and feelings that rise up when you contemplate that everything is perfect and divinely guided in this very present moment?

REVEAL: What advice would you share with your seven-year-old self? What level of responsibility have you taken for others throughout life? How have you carried others? What level of responsibility have you taken for your own emotional reactions to people and experiences?


The Law of Letting Go

Close your eyes, breathe in deeply, exhale, and then say this affirmation: I am surrendered.

One of the most powerful and transformative elements of changing your life is to learn how to let go of the old and make way for the new. Whether it’s releasing the energy of the past or getting rid of unwanted belongings, it can be an arduous journey to identify what no longer serves you, but it’s tremendously helpful if you are brave enough to step aside from the patterns that can keep you stuck.

The reason it’s so important to let go of your past is because every time you dive back into old and painful memories, it means that you are activating the energy and bringing it forward into your present-day experience.

It’s a uniquely powerful rite of passage to move from the mindset of being a victim to being a survivor. The key distinction between the two is being willing to do the healing work required to keep moving forward in your life despite the pain.

FEEL: What have you held on to in life that you know that you should have let go of earlier? If you had to place your level of trust in the Universe on a scale of 1 to 10, what would it be and why? Where in your life do you assert the most control?

HEAL: What are some of the feelings you experience when you think of letting go of someone or something in your life and from the past? What do you think that you are creating new space for in your life if you let go of things, people, places, and patterns that no longer serve you?

REVEAL: How does the energy of surrendering manifest into your life? How does it feel? What are some of the ways that you can let go, surrender, and trust that everything will work out for the best?


Your Word Is Your Wand

Close your eyes, breathe in deeply, exhale, and then say this affirmation: I am intentional.

Always remember how powerful your words are. Your words have the power to create your experience in each and every moment. Whenever you open your mouth to say something is a beautiful opportunity to examine the intention behind what you’re trying to say. Are you reserved when it comes to verbally expressing yourself? Or do you just blurt out whatever’s on your mind and not really care too much about how it lands? One thing is for certain—don’t say stuff you don’t mean, and be careful what you wish for. Or better yet, speak only of things you wish to create.

FEEL: How have your words contributed to you feeling abundant and empowered in your life? How have your words contributed to painful experiences in your life? How do you feel when you examine the way that you intentionally use communication with yourself and others?

HEAL: What are the ten most empowering words that you could use more on a regular basis? What are words that you will become aware of not to use so much anymore in your everyday vocabulary?

REVEAL: What will you intentionally speak into existence? How can you anchor the awareness and remember to be more mindful about how you choose to use your words?


Everything Is Energy

Close your eyes, breathe in deeply, exhale, and then say this affirmation: I am love.

Everything is energy, but what we don’t often stop to ask is what that energy is made from. It’s LOVE. Love is the highest form of pure consciousness, vibration, or energy. That’s why there are so many songs written that include the word love, or why movies are based around love stories. The Universe, God, Source, or the Force IS the frequency of love. You are love manifested as a human throughout your lifetime and beyond. Love has the power to transcend time and space. It can be shared, sent, experienced, indulged in, but it can never be lost. Love is ever present and always available. Remember that it’s there.

FEEL: How do you feel when you check into what your body is telling you right now in this moment? What are three things you are grateful for? What makes you feel in alignment with inspired and empowered energy?

HEAL: What are ways that you can remember to raise your vibration on a daily basis? What are inspired actions you can take that will move the energy in your environment? What is your own specific gateway or stargate to connect with infinite wisdom and divine energy?

REVEAL: What is your purpose in this world? How will you be of service to humanity and remember that you are a beautiful part of the human collective? What is your definition of love? How can you be the love and share it with others?