Summary: Be a Work in Progress By John Cena
Summary: Be a Work in Progress By John Cena

Summary: Be a Work in Progress By John Cena

Be grateful for each sunrise. Earn each sunset.

Attraction is what brings us together. Connection keeps us together. Find someone you are strongly attracted to, then be brave enough to allow connection and communication. The result will be an unbreakable bond.

Love that lasts takes work. Tremendous work. Anyone who thinks differently has little perspective on the timeline and totality of existence. Don’t fear love, but do not ignorantly proceed in thinking it comes without effort.

How many times have you regretted what you said? How many times have you regretted what you heard?

If you are rooting against someone, ask why. Sometimes it is because there are genuinely bad people out there; many times, it is us judging because we are insecure with ourselves.

How we view ourselves is often not how we are perceived by others. Surround yourself with those who give honest—even uncomfortable—opinions about who you are to them.

Don’t take someone else’s word on what you can accomplish.

Life is about the ride, not the vehicle you show up in.

Trying to help someone and trying to change someone are two different things. One can be highly rewarding to all involved; the other can be self-centered, controlling, and destructive.

Control the controllable. The disorder of others is only your chaos if you make it so.

Open your mind before you open your mouth.

Do things for the reward of doing them. Any reward beyond that is a bonus.

The importance of doing “nothing” is often overlooked. Just recently we’ve realized how valuable rest really is. Don’t feel guilty about having fun. Life’s easier to deal with when you can laugh and wear a genuine smile.

Be less set in your ways. Routine allows for many comforts and conveniences, but it can prevent you from learning valuable things about yourself.

Each day, try to become a little less perfect and a little more brave.

Many of us fear rejection. Rejection is simply a difference of opinion. Next time you get rejected, instead of feeling embarrassed or afraid, ask, “Why?” It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself and others.

If you love someone, tell them. Say the words. It doesn’t make you weak, soft, or inferior. Your courage to put your emotions out there, regardless of any judgment from others, makes you stronger.

Never outgrow being thankful.

Opportunity may sometimes fall in your lap, but it takes grinding hard work to turn luck into success.

Be brave in times of crisis, be perceptive in times of defeat, and be humble in times of success.

Failure is so much closer to success than not trying at all.

Bad decisions are a part of life. We all make them. Own those consequences instead of manipulating the situation to avoid feeling guilt or shame. Projecting shame or guilt onto others is just another bad decision.

In moments when you are unsure of what to say to someone, simply listening and being present can mean the world to them.

Hope is a beautiful thing. Effort is understood and admired by many. Hope and effort together are a great recipe for making the impossible possible.

The word “nonnegotiable” can automatically kill a situation. Anything can be negotiated. Compromise takes knowing your needs, listening to the needs of others, and coming up with a resolution that all feel is fair.

Nerves and uncertainty aren’t bad; they are signs of passion. If you feel you are in total control, chances are you’re not.

Any finish line is merely the start of the next race.