Summary: 8 Secrets to Powerful Manifesting By Mandy Morris
Summary: 8 Secrets to Powerful Manifesting By Mandy Morris

Summary: 8 Secrets to Powerful Manifesting By Mandy Morris

From Mayhem to Magic

Don’t try to escape your problems. Life isn’t so scary when you stop running from it. When you surrender to God and trust in a higher power, your next steps will unfold before you. Practice self-love while taking proactive, divinely led strides toward your manifestation goals. Your trauma and beliefs play a big role in making you who you are and creating what you want. Choose growth every day, make it as fun as you can, and follow what your intuition tells you. At the heart of this journey is the discovery of your authentic self. Your achievements are limitless when your mind partners with the universe. Dream big!


Manifesting 101

When creating a manifesting mindset, focus on the emotional state you’d like to have. Not the stuff that you think will make you happy. You’re in charge of your world, you’re here for a reason, and you can create what fulfills you. Maintaining a relationship with God is important to the co–creation process.

Healing blocked energy is a must. This raises your vibration and lets you access abundant goals. Past programming is made of beliefs, thoughts, and traumas that have shaped your worldview. Past programming creates a high or low vibration and influences your manifesting outcomes. Your subconscious reel is what you unconsciously tell yourself, all day long, based on past programming. Becoming aware of this dissipates the energy, loosens energetic blockages, and raises your vibration. Once you’re united with your subconscious reel, manifestations occur.


The Science of Manifesting

Energy is everywhere. You constantly interact with it to intuitively “read” your environment. The energy around you and how you process it affects your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies and influences the kind of aura you radiate. Surround yourself with people who have the energy you’d like to have; they will help you sustain your own vibration too.

Though your auric field has many different frequencies, it has a dominant frequency that develops over the years. This is based on how often you are dominantly positive or negative. You want your energy field to be resilient to stress so that you can live in the real world but in such a high vibrational state that most things can’t touch you. Your brain fires and wires relative to the energy in and around you. The eight secrets interrupt negative firing and replace old thoughts with new ones; this creates new pathways in the brain.


Secret #1: Create Energetic Check-Ins

Energetic check-ins teach you to become highly aware of the beliefs that inform your thoughts, which impact your vibration and ability to manifest. Though you will initially make an effort to check in, they’ll soon become habit. Energetic frequencies are like waves that rise and drop all day, and when they do, our minds pour a ton of energy into their corresponding feelings. These feelings determine your dominant frequency, which sets the stage for manifesting conscious or unconscious desires.

As you check in, the energy behind this practice should be one of cool curiosity and awareness. When negative energy strikes, it begins as an energetic imprint, then manifests in the emotional and physical body. Get ahead of, and heal, these feelings before they cause deeper problems. When you live in the past, you are either trying to re-create it or run from it.

Because you exist in an energetic soup, you might absorb energy that isn’t yours. The reason your life may feel so cyclical is because you are constantly responding to stimuli that trigger and retrigger the neurological pathways you have built in your brain over time.


Secret #2: Detangle Dense Energy

Tangled energy forces you to live in an inauthentic state—not who God designed you to be. The goal of detangling energy is returning to the person, and soul, you were created to be. Pure, limitless potential exists on a higher plane than even love energy and emanates from your most authentic self. When you strive for untangled energy, envision this finish line.

If you don’t deal with dense energy, you rehash the same negative situations and react the same way to low-vibrational stimuli that solidify certain patterns of behavior. You operate from a low vibration that interrupts manifestation and reinforces negative neurological pathways. Everyone has imprints and traumas from past programming that’s twisted their beliefs and thoughts, even if they began with good intentions.

The more you do check-ins and work through persona identities and detangling questions, the faster you’ll retrain your brain to quickly manage your emotions in energetically healthy ways.


Secret #3: Manage Triggers with Pattern Interrupts

There are three types of pattern interrupts: physical, spiritual, and mental/emotional. With a physical pattern interrupt, your body shifts your mind’s emotional experience. Spiritual interrupts either invoke a higher power or use your soul to shift your frequency. Mental/emotional pattern interrupts engage one or more of your senses. Triggers are powerful because they’re part of the stories we tell ourselves about the world we live in. Triggers stem from programming and influence our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Use pattern interrupts to diffuse thorny feelings that come up during check-in and persona work.


Secret #4: Seek Self-Love

Love is a high-frequency emotion and highly memorable feeling. When you feel unconditionally accepted and cared for, your desire to protect yourself from triggers and personas breaks down. Those who refuse or don’t feel love act in ways that stem from scarcity, inauthenticity, and loss. Self-love fuels limitless potential. It puts you on a high vibration where limitless creation is possible; it lets you dream about what you want and believe you’re worthy to receive it. When your life doesn’t look the way you’d like, you take love away from yourself—despite the fact that love is one of the most powerful frequencies that lets you create what you want.


Secret #5: Embrace Intentional Energy to Start Manifesting

Intentional energy is the driving force behind everything you do and claim to want. It directs the movement of particles to be made manifest. Intentional energy is also born from the emotional and mental state that represents your commitment to carrying out an action, now or in the future. Positive, sustainable manifesting outcomes are directly tied to the right intentional energy. The energy around your actions/outcomes is denser when intentional energy comes from low desires. Having the right intentional energy requires being detached from the outcome.

Manifestation is not about attracting what you say that you want but what you vibrationally are. Infusing daily activities with healthy intentional energy gets you into the habit of naturally doing this for manifestation and helps you build and maintain a high, dominant frequency.


Secret #6: Create a Manifestation Blueprint for Action Steps

A manifestation blueprint is a game plan—a technical design that keeps you on track with your original intentions and desires. It also helps you figure out how to react to triggers. After you set a manifestation in motion, the universe will send you signals that your goal is taking shape and also point to practical things you can do to help your goal come to fruition. You won’t be pointed toward every move you’re meant to make, but you will notice guidance that indicates next steps and/or validates the ones you’re taking. If action steps trigger you, shift to neutrality and view it as feedback from the universe.


Secret #7: Rewrite the Remaining Rules

Rewriting the rules is one of the final finishing touches on your ability to easily manifest. Decidedly naming and adjusting your rules is crucial because your mind needs mental constructs to work with, a map of parameters that guide you through your time on earth. When you change beliefs, your energy and brain reflect that. Good things often happen when you live on higher vibrations; whatever is available on those frequencies is easily accessible.

Constantly reassessing your rules encourages you to move into higher vibrational realms. You can either rewrite rules deliberately or organically—or some intuitive combination of both. New rules fuel personal growth and fresh insight on how to add meaning and fulfilment to life.


Secret #8: Embody Your Future Self

When you embody your future self, you envision and become one with an enlightened version of you that has already figured out the concerns that you want to address. When you direct your consciousness toward a certain goal, that creates your reality. In meditation, you can meet and embody future versions of yourself that are already living positive outcomes to your dilemmas in related universes.

Your future self has the answer to any and every question you might have. When you do a future-self meditation and receive its guidance, be sure you’re ready to execute the wisdom and insight you receive. When you’re in a future-self meditation, pay attention to how it feels to be in the presence of your future self so that you can identify when you’re acting this way and when you aren’t.