Summary: 50 Spiritual Classics By Tom Butler-Bowdon
Summary: 50 Spiritual Classics By Tom Butler-Bowdon

Summary: 50 Spiritual Classics By Tom Butler-Bowdon

1 Muhammad Asad

Religious faith can bring peace and order to a troubled mind.

2 St. Augustine

The purpose of live is not simply to survive, but to seek perfection in yourself.

3 Richard Bach

Consider the whole of life as one, the seen and the unseen, spirit and matter.

4 Black Elk

The experience of “cosmic consciousness,” or enlightenment, is part of human evolution.

5 Richard Maurice Bucke

Physics and spirituality are two sides of the same coin.

6 Fritjof Capra

Respect the world by taking responsibility for your own life.

7 Carlos Castaneda

Extreme gratitude enables you to see the world afresh.

8 G. K. Chesterton

We grow by shining a light on the mind’s dark places.

9 Pema Chödrön

The best life is one that is in accord with the unseen universal order, or Tao.

10 Chuang Tzu

Are you genuinely seeking greater truth in life, or merely playing the game of recognition and success?

11 Ram Dass

Appreciate the world as it is, not how you would like it to be.

12 Epictetus

Life is not a series of events but a series of revelations about truth.

14 Ghazzali

Take a broader view of your life and recognize that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

15 Kahlil Gibran

Most people sleepwalk through life. Reject convention and become your own person

16 G. I. Gurdjieff

Don’t allow your vanities to sabotage your life purpose.

17 Dag Hammarskjöld

Set aside time in your life to honor God and all that has been created.

18 Abraham Joshua Heschel

Instead of striving for great spiritual heights, gain peace and power from the acceptance of life as it is.

19 Hermann Hesse

Escape the habits of normal perception and see things as if for the first time.

20 Aldous Huxley

If a person’s religion succeeds in making them more whole and providing inspiration, then it works.

21 William James

Modern life must be enriched by an awareness of dreams, an appreciation of myth, and a sense of mystery.

22 Carl Gustav Jung

Intense spiritual experience can change the life of even the most unlikely person.

23 Margery Kempe

Become a real revolutionary by learning how to think beyond the confines of culture.

24 J. Krishnamurti

We can only know what is good when we contrast it with what is not.

25 C. S. Lewis

Go beyond color and creed to see the basic unity of humankind.

26 Malcolm X

Self-fulfillment is only achieved through greater knowledge of God.

27 Daniel C. Matt

Attain real peace by moving beyond the ego’s fears and wants and living a life of the spirit.

28 W. Somerset Maugham

Lose your self-importance and adopt a strategy of unreasonable happiness.

29 Dan Millman

Physical death is merely an event in the movement of a soul from one domain to another.

30 Michael Newton

You become a different person when you are fully aware of your thoughts and actions in each moment.

31 Thich Nhat Hanh

Approach everything in life in a spirit of friendship.

32 John O’Donohue

A purely rational approach to life leads to madness. Peace requires us to look for the unseen quality or truth behind appearances.

33 Robert M. Pirsig

Meaningful coincidences are a sign of the spiritual evolution of the human race.

34 James Redfield

By consciously adopting agreements with ourselves on how to act with integrity, we begin to take control of our lives.

35 Miguel Ruiz

Miracles lift the veil of misperception, revealing truth and love.

36 Helen Schucman & William Thetford

Spirituality is not about emotional security, it is about finding truth.

37 Idries Shah

Belief in the sacred feminine and the spirit in nature is the oldest religion.

38 Starhawk

A peaceful and intelligent mind can be attained through simply sitting and breathing.

39 Shunryu Suzuki

The heavenly world is as real as the mundane one.

40 Emanuel Swedenborg

Inner spiritual progress can motivate great earthly achievements.

41 Teresa of Avila

In addition to physical help, give spiritual solace to those in need.

42 Mother Teresa

Transform your life by the simple realization that the only time you ever have is this moment.

43 Eckhart Tolle

Sometimes the desire to be spiritual is really a hankering after psychological security.