Summary: Positively Unstoppable by Diamond Dallas Page
Summary: Positively Unstoppable by Diamond Dallas Page

Summary: Positively Unstoppable by Diamond Dallas Page

Humor can be effective, if used effectively.

DDP Yoga – Not your momma’s yoga. DDP doesn’t take himself too seriously and you shouldn’t too.

“DDP Yoga. It ain’t your momma’s Yoga.” Too corny. May be. But it’s funny, it gets people attention. You instantly know it’s something different and you want to find out what that means.


Smack down your goals.

Your goals should be ‘smack down’ (specific, measurable, achievable, compatible, keep it going, do it, own it, write it down, now).


Write your goals down.

Otherwise you’d find yourself at the same point over and over again. Putting it on paper not only makes it more likely to achieve, also help you realize how far you’ve come.


Wrestling isn’t fake. It’s predetermined.

You can’t fake gravity. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be safe when a 250lb pure muscle is throwing himself on you. Sure, most of the times, wrestlers go overboard and pretend they’re in excruciating pain. But in some instances, they really are in agony.


Your future is greatly shaped by who you surround yourself with.

People can tell who you will become tomorrow by looking at your friends today.


It’s more than who you know. It’s about who are willing to say they know you and put their names on the line for you.

They should not only lift you up also make you want to push beyond your limits.


Be willing to try things more than once.

It’s unlikely you try things for the first time and you fall in love right away. DDP certainly didn’t when he tried Yoga.


May be the world is 10% about what happens to you.

But it’s the remaining 90% about how you react to it that matters.


When they say ‘You can’t’, imagine the voice as your own.

Then use it to propel yourself. DDP did exactly this when starting his Yoga business. If you feel like you have enough criticism, remember the amount of ridicule a professional wrestler had to overcome to build one of the most respected workout programs in the world.


The idea of accepting career-ending news from 3 spine specialists would have made sense for a lot of people.

For DDP, it wasn’t. Rather than giving in and throwing the towel, he tried yoga. He failed first attempt but insisted to give up. He tried again and with each attempt, he found himself becoming better at controlling his body. After some time, he used his firsthand insights to create his own workout regime and start his own fitness company “DDP Yoga”.


“DDP Yoga was an overnight success. It only took 10 years.”

It took DDP almost a decade to get his business off the ground. It also cost him a lot financially, emotionally and even his marriage. But nothing could have taken away his tenacity. And so, the major breakthrough comes with his shark tank pitch. The deal fell apart but, in the process, DDP got something even more significant, an exposure to Fox and Shark Tank massive audience. Orders kept rolling in, and the turning point helped DDP afford a proper office for the first time.  Talk about success is when luck meets preparation.


Breathe properly.

  1. Sit in the comfortable position on the chair or floor, lying your back or stand up straight.
  2. Put your hands on your stomach. Inhale from your nose slowly and deeply. Feel your hands and let your diaphragm expand.
  3. Slowly exhale through your nose or mouth, controlling the exhalation until every last bit of carbondioxide is pushed out of your lungs.
  4. Inhale again and repeat 5 more times. Increase reps as you get better.


Keep your heart rate in the fat-burning zone.

180 – Your Age = Top of the zone

Top of the zone – 20 = Bottom of the zone