Ask a tie-down question.

Frame your question in a way that solicits Yes. The more conformity they produce, the more agreeable they become and the more likely you’re going to close them.

Investing in a quality product makes sense? Doesn’t it?

Overhead expenses are costing you a fortune? Aren’t they?


Give them a choice to give an illusion of control.

Frame your choices in a way that whatever the prospect ends up choosing, it falls in your favor. The added benefit is he or she in making a decision, feels they’re the one who is in control.

Would you like to visit our facility? Or should I visit yours?

Which would be a better time for you? Tuesday Evening or Thursday Morning?


Ask a Porcupine question. 

Alright enough talking. Let’s see in action.

Do you have one in blue?

Would you like the one in blue?

If they say Yes, consider them ‘Sold’.


Upgrade your sales dictionary.

cost —> investment / amount
down payment —> initial investment / amount
monthly payment —> monthly investment / amount
contract —-> paperwork / agreement / form
buy —-> own
sell / sold —-> get *them* involved
deal —-> opportunity / transaction
sign —-> approve / OK / authorize / endorse


Sell for their own good. Practice empathy. Never belittle anyone.

After all, selling is about doing something that you think is beneficial for some people. If someone you’re talking to doesn’t reflect your target profile, be prepared to walk away or show them in the right direction. There’s no sustainable financial nor moral benefit when you cover up the mismatch between their need and the solution you offer.

And remember to treat everyone as if there’s a sign hanging around their neck saying “Make me feel important”. Not only you’ll win in sales, you will win in life.



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