Summary: Living with a SEAL by Jesse Itzler
Summary: Living with a SEAL by Jesse Itzler

Summary: Living with a SEAL by Jesse Itzler

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A day in the life of the entrepreneur Jesse Itzler used to go like this – wake up, go to work, come home, have dinner, exercise, go to bed, wake up, rinse and repeat. But one day, the accomplished entrepreneur felt like he’s been drifting on autopilot, so he invited a rather unconventional SEAL to live with him and train him. Together, Jesse and the SEAL set out to shake up the entrepreneur’s somewhat comfortable routine, in what is about to become the most challenging 30-day for Jesse Itzler, both physically and mentally.

Jesse never mentioned who the SEAL was exactly. However, it turns out the SEAL working with him in the book is no other than David Goggins. one of the toughest man alive in the planet.


Realization #1 You are capable of doing more than you ever thought was possible.

Initially Jesse’s mind was playing it safe. But as he become accustomed to SEAL brutal workouts, he started to realize that it was his mind that was holding him back. And that his body was capable of a lot more than he thought it was. As the training progresses, he found himself running in a snowstorm, doing a hundred burpees in the office, jumping into a frozen lake, jogging with a fifty-pound vest and the list just goes on.

Realization #2 Excuses get you nowhere.

When you give yourself excuses, no matter how solid the excuse is, it won’t help you get any healthier or wealthier.

Jesse: I didn’t bring any extra underwear.
SEAL: So what?
Jesse: I can’t run without underwear.
SEAL: Nah, bro, you can’t run without legs. It’s on!

In another instance when Jesse had to watch his kid, SEAL got him put the kid in a stroller and run with him. Under no circumstances SEAL demanded an excuse from Jesse.

You can’t have the excuses and results at the same time. Pick one. – SEAL


Realization #3 Your mind constantly plays it safe to protect you from harm.

You can get through every workout because everything has an end. Take Jesse again for example. Jesse spent his thirty days being beaten up, broken down, physically and mentally challenged in every way known to a man. And he did it all because he chose to, not because he had to. By the end of his pain and suffer, he not only emerged stronger, he became a much more confident and capable person than he started out.

Once your mind says you can’t do it anymore, you’re only at 40% of your capacity. – SEAL

Nothing is as powerful as the invincible force that lives in you. If you start believing that and start honing your true capabilities, you’ll be surprised by the magnitude of things you can accomplish in life.

Kindle | Hardcover | Audiobook