Likeable People Share These 8 Common Traits
Likeable People Share These 8 Common Traits

Likeable People Share These 8 Common Traits

I know it’s been a while since my last post. I just couldn’t find myself some spare time as I was drowning in my new work. Speaking of the new work, I was recently employed by Jardine Schindler Group.

It goes without saying, at my new job I got to know a lot of new coworkers; a couple of them whom I find so likable, in contrast with those not-so-friendly people. I took this opportunity. I kept an eye on them to study what makes a person so likable. I wasn’t surprised with my findings after all, as they exactly reflect our shared beliefs.


1. They greet people by names

Who loves being addressed by their physical appearance or their job titles? Names are essential part of our identity and we feel terrific when people use it. Research also shows that most of us feel validated when our names are used sparingly in conversations.


2. They remember our names (almost always)

Likable people are still human and they can still forget our names at times as part of human nature. Even then they’re not afraid to admit and ask our identities for second or even third time.


3. They’re lucky enough to be likable (naturally)

Some people are just likable in nature. It might be their character that cause us to like them in our subconscious mind. Regardless no one person is liked by all people.


4. They always wear happiness (figuratively)

Seriously who don’t like happiness? Sadness is contagious and so is the happiness. Likable people not only smile themselves but also tend to put a smile on their partners in conversations.


5. They know how to ask for a favor

Beyond our workplace in our lifestyles too, there are occasions we are desperate for help. Yet likable people put their problems aside and make sure they get to know us first before asking for any favor.


6. They don’t whine about their problems, constantly

Life is a battle. We are all individuals facing problems that others are unaware of. Likable people take advantage of this fact. They rather take actions over excuses because they know whining takes them nowhere.


7. They rarely gossip

Gossip seems never their cup of tea. Likable people kill gossips at their ears. Instead they are stellar at meaningful conversations and small talk.


8. They treat people equally

Everyone hates two-faced people. Likable people are fair, trustworthy and better yet give equal opportunities to all human beings.