Firm Handshake

When it comes to first impressions, nothing is more of a letdown than a squishy handshake from someone you just came across. Grab his hands as in you’d hang on to the cliff like your life depends on it.

Moms are our own best cooks

Getting tired of your mom’s dishes? Try to live in a remote area, alone, for at least three months. You’ll realize no one can cook better than your mother, not even Michellin’s three-star chefs.

Physical Fitness

Outer beauty is equally important, if not more than inner virtue. Trust me, as someone who was toned from “big and bloated” to “big and buff”, I can say people get more attached to guys who are physically fit. Just an extra network around you alone makes all the efforts worthwhile.

Read, Read, Read

There was this guy I always hanged out with because we are the only two who happen to be contemporaries in my last job. That said, the only thing we share in common is age. The guy was far more knowledgeable and mature than his age says he is. No wonder he always carry a book around with him.

Learn to Stay Alone

If you are not confident enough to eat alone at a restaurant, it’s a perfect time to start building your self-esteem. We all are born alone and destined to die alone. So why not try to live alone sometimes on our way there?

Ego is the Enemy

Suppress your ego if it resists on dying. It will only get bigger with time unless it’s take care of. No matter how smart or educated you are, ego will turn the opportunities off at your doorsteps.

Say Thanks!

The power of simple “Thank You” seems subtle and often understated by a lot of people, including me. Always show gratitude, even if the favor is small, and you will surprise at how far the same people will go for you in the future.

True Leadership

Leadership is not about suits or ties. Nor your education or titles. A true leader does not tell. He “shows”. A skipper also wouldn’t whine because the printer is out of order. He would simply roll up his sleeves to change toner or move the cabinet around because he can and he will to preserve his fellows’ valuable resources.

Writing Killer Resumes

No hiring manager would ever waste time on long-winded resumes. Unlike your doctoral thesis, the shorter is better when it comes to job resumes. So stop bullshitting around and eliminate all fillers, such as “Career Objectives” (no one gives a shit about your goal, instead include a quick summary to focus on what you can do for the company), “Skill Set” (again don’t just tell, leave it to “show” at the interview), “NRC, Height, Weight, Religion, Birthday, Father’s Name, Etc..” (your name and basic contact info will suffice in personal particulars). Last, don’t underestimate the power of “power verbs”. Sprinkle them all over your resume to sound competent in a particular field even if you’re not.

In the end it all boils down to three takeaways:
1. Cut Ruthlessly
2. Sprinkle Power Verbs
3. Keep It One Page

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