15 Great Books On Sales
15 Great Books On Sales

15 Great Books On Sales

Virtual Selling

A global pandemic. Panic. Social distancing. Working from home. An economic crisis. In a heartbeat, we went from happy hours to virtual happy hours. From conferences to virtual conferences. From the classroom to the virtual classroom. From selling to virtual selling. READ NOW >>>

A Mind For Sales

Summary A Mind for Sales Daily Habits and Practical Strategies for Sales Success by Mark Hunter

Sales isn’t something we wait to do. Sales is something we do, just like leadership. Sales is leadership and leadership is sales. When we wake up each morning, our objective should be just that: sell and lead. READ NOW >>>

The Introvert’s Edge to Networking

You never know what’s in the box unless you open it. Some of your best momentum partners, champions and prospects are likely there, waiting for you, even sitting next to you without you ever taking advantage or taking time to identify the opportunities. READ NOW >>>

Ninja Selling

Depression-era salespeople spend a lot of their time endlessly chasing prospects. Many are in mindlessly in the pursuit mode and hence most sales people have a reputation for being pushy. Customers actively shy away when they see the pushy sales people coming. READ NOW >>>


There really is not much new under the sun when it comes to professional selling and sales management. Be wary of the online “experts” who are all too quick to proclaim that everything about sales and selling has changed. Be even more wary when they poke fun at those who are succeeding using proven, tried, and true methods. READ NOW >>>

Exactly How to Sell

exactly how to sell summary

People don’t buy your products for your reason. They do so for their own reasons. They don’t you’re your features. They buy what benefits them. If you try to see the world through the lens of everyone you come across, you will not only triumph in sales, you will win in life. READ NOW >>>

The Challenger Sale

the challenger sale

As sales become more complex the gap between sales performers widen dramatically. This further underlines the importance of Challenger sales reps, high-performing individuals who respectfully challenge their customers’ perspectives rather than simply agreeing and responding to the perceived needs of those customers. READ NOW >>>

The Introvert’s Edge

What do you think is the number one problem small businesses cite time and time again? Most people think it’s finding customers. However, after working directly with so many entrepreneurs and professionals, what Pollard discovered is that finding customers is merely the surface problem. The deeper problem is they don’t want to meet people, to network, to attend events, to get on the phone or set up meetings. READ NOW >>>

Sell The Way You Buy

Do you like talking to salespeople? What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the world ‘sales’? The overwhelming experience we had with salespeople over the years were primarily self interested and manipulative. This book is here to change that – to change the way you sell by shifting the focus away from you and towards your customers. READ NOW >>>

Secrets of Closing The Sale

secrets of closing the sale summary

When your buyers say no to you, what they’re saying is “Based on the information you’re giving me so far, your price is up here, your value is way down here and I’m not going to give you a big stack of money for a little stack of benefit.” Your job as a salesperson is to give them new information so they can make a new decision. READ NOW >>>

Ziglar on Selling

ziglar on selling summary

With the possible exception of medicine and the ministry, no one is in as good as position as a salesperson to solve problems. Nothing on earth brings as much personal satisfaction and gratification as being able to empower another human being to become more efficient, effective and successful because of the goods you have to offer. READ NOW >>>

Psychology Of Selling

95% of impression comes from your clothing. It’s then imperative to dress well, use noncolorful and attractive visual, have presentation material that’s clean and neat. Treat someone as though they’re a millionaire or potential millionaire. Whenever you do so, you raise the self-esteem of another person and yours. READ NOW >>>

Sales EQ

People act on emotion and justify the decision with logic in hindsight. Most sales people begin the sales process from a position of logic and gradually shift toward emotion. In contrast, buyers tend to begin the buying process at the emotional level and over time shift towards logic. READ NOW >>>

Sell Or Be Sold

Selling is a way of life. Every time you get your way, you’re receiving a commission. The more you practice selling, the more you get rewarded in life. The ability to communicate and convince others is an indispensable asset, no matter what your ambitions are. READ NOW >>>

To Sell Is Human

The idea that extroverts make better salespeople is far from the truth. One sort of personality doesn’t hold all the cards when it comes to selling. It’s the person’s ability to attune themselves to customers’ perspectives, stay afloat in a sea of rejection and solve the real customer problems that wins them the sales. READ NOW >>>