8 Great Books on Productivity
8 Great Books on Productivity

8 Great Books on Productivity

Laziness Does Not Exist

Feeling tired or unmotivated is not a threat to our self-worth. In fact, the feelings we write off as “laziness” are some of humanity’s most important instincts, a core part of how we stay alive and thrive in the long term. Tired, burned-out people aren’t struggling with some shameful, evil inner laziness; rather, they’re struggling to survive in an overly demanding, workaholic culture that berates people for having basic needs. READ NOW >>>

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management

Despite what we want in the future, human beings are prone to present bias (our tendency to give stronger weight to pay-offs that are closer to the present time). So when the present actually gets here (yes, the present is always here), we choose candy, TikTok, Facebook and endless YouTube videos because they’re easier and more fun. READ NOW >>>


Indistractable explains why the ability to tame a wandering mind and focus on the task at hand is the most important skill you can develop in 21st century. You will also learn many actionable ideas and a coping strategy to deal with distractions that are getting you off track. Traction gets you to where you want to be in your life. Distraction holds you back from getting there. READ NOW >>>


Our moods and performance oscillate during the day. For most, mood follows a common pattern: Peak – Trough – Rebound. Most of us excel Analytic work that requires sharpness, vigilance and focus in the peak (morning). Most of us do better on Insight work that requires inhibition and resolve in the rebound (evening). READ NOW >>>

Eat That Frog

It doesn’t pay to sit and look at a live frog if you must eat it. If you must eat two frogs, eat the ugliest one first. Since u always must procrastinate, procrastinate the low value tasks. READ NOW >>>

The Miracle Morning

Miracle morning is a 6-step routine which uses the concept of habit stacking. Hal calls this route life SAVERS (Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, Scribing). You can switch up the order and you can take anytime between 6 – 60 minutes. READ NOW >>>


Not by default, but by design. Essentialists don’t simply react to events and make choices by default. They follow discipline and systems in creating a lifestyle to make their decisions, because they know not all things in life are equally important. Essentialism is all about making decisions what’s important and what’s not in your own life. READ NOW >>>

The One Thing

Just because you’re getting things done doesn’t mean you’re being effective. 80/20 rule 80% of our output comes from 20% of our actions. Focus on 20% of your action, filter and repeat until ONE thing is left. That is what you should be doing. READ NOW >>>