4 Great Books on Negotiation
4 Great Books on Negotiation

4 Great Books on Negotiation

Never Split The Difference

Asking “Why” can translate to defensiveness and accusation. Only time you should use why successfully is when the defensiveness that is created supports the change, you’re trying to get them to see. READ NOW >>>

Ask For More

Every negotiation starts with asking yourself probing questions. You must first get clarity on what you want out of the negotiation, before you consider what the other party’s interests are. Look into the mirror before you look out to the window. READ NOW >>>

Beyond Reason

Preparation improves the emotional climate of a negotiation. A well-prepared negotiator walks into a meeting with emotional confidence about the substantive and process issues, as well as with clarity about how to enlist each party’s positive emotions. READ NOW >>>

Bring Yourself

Bring Yourself How to Harness the Power of Connection to Negotiate Fearlessly by Mori Taheripour

Believe it or not, when you begin to see ‘no’ as a piece of data in a conversation, then when you get an immediate ‘yes’ it doesn’t feel as gratifying anymore. ‘No’ gives you the opportunity to go deeper into a conversation and to know each other better. A slow good ‘no’ has a potential to give you way more valuable information than a quick bad ‘Yes’. READ NOW >>>