17 Great Books on Marketing
17 Great Books on Marketing

17 Great Books on Marketing

The Content Code

People don’t want to share your content, in general. Research shows people don’t usually share content they’re reading online, even if it’s great content. For example, an average Twitter user retweets only one in 318 content links they receive. Facebook reports just one-half of one percent of those who see a content share it. These staggering numbers suggest a miniscule number of the most active users is critical to spreading your content online. READ NOW >>>

Social Media Success for Every Brand

Social media gives your customers a public place to share their frustrations. If they’re not being offensive, let the dialogue take place. Whenever you can, try turning a negative feedback into a positive one. READ NOW >>>


Content curation is also a popular strategy in regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, banking, and insurance. Creating original content in those industries can be difficult and expensive, but curating articles from other sites is less risky. In the health field, for example, there are curation sources for news on diabetes and other diseases, establishing the newsletter’s author as the authority in the industry even if they’re not generating any original content of their own. READ NOW >>>

The Hidden Psychology of Social Networks

When creating branded content, look for comparable content that has successfully generated engagement organically, and use that successful organic content as inspiration. Be willing to break out of the advertiser comfort zone i.e., video. Test new formats and ways of expressing your messages, and you may well discover new, more efficient ways of sharing those messages. READ NOW >>>

See You On The Internet

Summary See You On The Internet by Avery Swartz

The most successful content is the one that’s authentic and resonates with the audience right away. Write your content as humanly as possible, but keep in mind Google and other search engines are looking at your copy as well. Do not steal photos. Use your own, hire a photographer if necessary. You can also buy royalty-free photos or get permission to use others. READ NOW >>>

Copywriting Secrets

Summary Copywriting Secrets How Everyone Can Use The Power Of Words To Get More Clicks, Sales and Profits . . . No Matter What You Sell Or Who You Sell It To! by Jim Edwards

People love to spend money on stuff they love. Your goal as a copywriter is to help them buy the right stuff using your sales copy. Use effective copywriting techniques which you’ll learn subsequently to touch peoples’ emotional hot buttons – hopes, fears, dreams and desires – and motivate them into purchase decisions. Anyone can get good at sales copy… you just need to practice well. READ NOW >>>

The Art of the Click

Summary The Art of the Click How to Harness the Power of Direct-Response Copywriting and Make More Sales by Fisher Glenn

All great copywriters start at a swipe file – a file that records a copy you have. A swipe file can contain both good and bad copy. Good copy so you can take inspiration and bad copy so you can avoid making the mistakes. That’s the aim of a swipe file – to inspire and to avoid. READ NOW >>>

100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

100 things every designer needs to know about people

What you think people are going to see on your web page may not be what they do. It might expend on their background, knowledge, familiarity with what they’re looking at, and expectations. You might be able to persuade people to see things in a certain way, depending on how they’re presented. READ NOW >>>


No matter what type of product or service you’re promoting, studies show consistently that ads with pictures perform much better on many levels than those with text alone. The seven best types of photos are children/babies, mothers/babies, groups of adults, animals, sports scenes, celebrities and food. It’s also important to use the visual that connects with the brand and the message you’re conveying. Instead of showing a fridge against a generic background, show it in a beautifully equipped working kitchen. READ NOW >>>

Marketing Made Simple

marketing made simple

Branding affects how a customer feels about your brand while marketing communicates your solution. If you get too concerned with how your brand looks and feels, you might end up ignoring your core message. Take NFL football coach for example. If he spends 90% of his time choosing the new team logo, jersey and branding instead of drilling on the game fundamentals, it doesn’t matter how pretty his jerseys are, his team is going to lose. READ NOW >>>

One Page Marketing Plan

People are much willing to pay for a cure than for a prevention. Target existing pain rather than promising future pleasure will result in a much more conversion, much higher customer satisfaction and lower price resistance. READ NOW >>>

Building A StoryBrand

In every great story, a hero encounters a problem to be solved and a challenge to be won. SB7 should be incorporated into all of your marketing materials from your website to lead nurturing email campaigns to brochures, keynotes and presentations so that your message is clear and consistent. Doing so attracts and retains customers like a super magnet. READ NOW >>>

The Tipping Point

Lexus spent a hefty sum in pampering its customers when it had to recall a few autos. Why did they invest so much? Because the very first buyers were more likely mavens, people who care about cars and talk about cars. Those are the guys who would influence all the rest. READ NOW >>>

The Power of Moments

power of moments

Our lives are a long string of small moments. Often, we’re like passive actors in our own lives, with these moments happening to us rather than being created by us. READ NOW >>>

Made to Stick

made to stick

Numbers appeal to our analytical brain while story appeals to our emotional brain. People who care act. People will do for the one what they won’t for the many. READ NOW >>>

The Brain Audit

brain audit summary

Don’t put your solution before the problem. Doing so will greatly reduce the pulling power of communication. Solutions are pain relievers. They assure the customer there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Audit your communications rigorously for solutions popping up first. READ NOW >>>

Marketing Rebellion

marketing rebellion summary

Modern marketing consistently sees the trend in consumer resistance against the marketers. People are developing algorithms such as Adblock and pop-up blockers to stop marketing messages from getting through. This in turn encourages the marketers to come up with even more sophisticated methods to deliver their messages across. The result is a war that never ends and no common ground in the end. READ NOW >>>