3 Great Books on Learning
3 Great Books on Learning

3 Great Books on Learning

The Only Skill That Matters

‘Learning’ is the only skill that matters. After all, if you can learn effectively, you can learn—or become—anything you want. With these skills, you can go from being a depressed social outcast to a happy and successful entrepreneur. You can go from being a struggling young professional to a leader in the company of your dreams. Most of all, you can go from wherever you are today to wherever it is you aspire to go. And that’s why, now, it’s your turn to learn. READ NOW >>>


To say, “I don’t read” is essentially saying “I’ve stopped trying to learn.” Yes, you can learn from watching videos, listening to podcasts and going to movies even. But it’s nearly impossible to replicate the experience of reading. READ NOW >>>


ultralearning summary

Ultralearning is a strategy. It’s suited for certain situations and not others. Using a strategy is a choice, not a commandment. Ultralearners usually work alone. They spend months and years without announcing their efforts. READ NOW >>>