5 Great Books On Happiness
5 Great Books On Happiness

5 Great Books On Happiness

Happiness Is The Way

You’re familiar with the saying, “It’s the journey, not the destination.” You want to see that every step along the way to realizing your goals is just as important to savor as getting there. Just as happiness and success are both inner concepts, so is fulfillment. If you think that you’re going to find fulfillment by obtaining a goal you have worked really hard for, then your life is all about external striving. READ MORE >>>

The Power of Awakening

Life itself is an unfinished-ness. It’s not like you’re going to get it all organized into the right place, and then check out. No. No one tells you in the morning, “You’ll be checking out about 11:30 P.M. You will be joining me tonight.” READ MORE >>>

The Lazy Genius Way

Summary The Lazy Genius Way Embrace What Matters, Ditch What Doesnt, and Get Stuff Done by Kendra Adachi

you must never feel guilty about what matters to you. If eating out and enjoying your city is what matters to you, don’t think it’s not valid because it doesn’t look the same as someone who’d rather have people around her kitchen table and go to bed at nine. Everything matters because we all matter and different things matter to each of us. Name what matters to you. That’s all that counts. READ MORE >>>

Do Nothing

do nothing

Consider just for a moment how painful and labor intensive it was for our big ancestors to make a living back then. They worked so hard and fought so hard to secure fewer working hours for themselves and their offspring. Today, less than a hundred years later, we’ve given up that ground our ancestors fought so hard for. We ‘chose’ to work long hours and answer emails because we think it’s the only way to keep our jobs or do them well. READ MORE >>>

Stop Checking Your Likes

Summary Stop Checking Your Likes Shake Off the Need for Approval and Live an Incredible Life by Susie Moore

Fear belongs to one of the two buckets: “I’m not enough” and “I do not have enough”. Where does your fear belong to? Understand that rejection isn’t personal. It’s the opinion of one single person. When you present yourself to the right person, chances are the results could be different. Who knows.. a rejection is a step closer to a ‘yes’. READ MORE >>>