How I Prepared for Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate
How I Prepared for Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

How I Prepared for Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Whether you’re a professional digital marketer, or if you’re like me, someone who’s trying to get your brand out in the world, chances are you well know that Facebook can open up endless opportunities for your business or career for that matter. Facebook has long claimed the top spot in exploding social media platforms, and it’s not changing any time soon. So, if you’re onto social media marketing and you’re not using Facebook yet, you’re missing out a huge piece of the pie.

If you’re totally new to Facebook and its family (Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp), don’t worry. Facebook has their own training platform (known as Facebook ‘blueprint’) as well as a broad spectrum of certifications that appeal to social media marketing enthusiasts and business owners. And Facebook has made it pretty easy to get started with their platform and unparalleled advertising ecosystem.

Take Facebook’s latest Digital Marketing Associate (100-101) Certification exam for example. This associate-level exam helps you take the first step in growing your business online.


100-101: Facebook Certified digital marketing associate

Associate-level exam covering foundational advertising concepts on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Exam Audience: The ideal candidates for this certification are entry-level marketers, including students and job-seekers.


Can I take Facebook 100-101 without preparation?

I’ve been a Facebook user for as long as I can remember. And I must admit I would definitely not have passed the test without studying. Yes, it’s associate-level but not everyone of us is managing business profile and only a fraction of social media users are regular advertisers. And here’s the thing. Facebook expects you to have a solid understanding of their ‘Ad’ advertising (especially Ads manager) to pass the test.


How did I study for Facebook 100-101?

I took their blueprint course, which is also a recommended study by Facebook. Inside the main course, there’s a series of mini courses you can explore. If you already know certain areas of the platform, feel free to skip them. For me, I focused on the ‘Ads Manager’ section and ended up scanning the rest of the course.


How did I practice for Facebook 100-101?

The blueprint course touches lightly on the hands-on. Because Facebook is constantly updating its interface, we can’t expect to find the same thing in the same place every single time. With that in mind, I did learn the hands-on to get a brief idea of how things work. I didn’t really pay close attention to user interface and layout.


How difficult was Facebook 100-101?

I found the test pretty much on the same difficultly level as their practice test. The questions are neither harder nor easier than the ones you see during the practice. However if I’m forced to choose, I would say this… it took me more mental effort to complete the real test than the practice test. May be, I didn’t have enough sleep. May be, I was a bit nervous. Anyway, I thought you should know this, so you don’t underestimate and avoid being under-prepared for the test.


How long did I prepare for Facebook 100-101?

I studied the blueprint course over the weekend and took the test on Tuesday. I have some experience in helping businesses grow organically on social media and that somehow accelerated my learning. Obviously for you, the time you need depends on your personal lifestyle, your background, experience and above all, how much time you can dedicate to studying.


What was the experience of taking Facebook 100-101?

I found the test taking experience pretty intuitive. For your record, I took the online proctored exam at my home. If you plan to do the same, I highly encourage you read the exam procedures carefully, so that there won’t be any surprises on the test date.

If you still have questions regarding the test preparation, shoot me a message at I try my best to reply to everyone as fast as I can. With that, goodbye… and I wish you all the best in your calling!

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